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Step issues for a change

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The past 2 months have been hell.  Thought things would settle down once my mother went back to my brothers home opposite side country.  But when I pulled up home yesterday my DH on front porch talking with 3 APS investigators!  I had just come from taking my father for a cat scan so the medical neglect was nonsense. We all talked and they left. I am going to my parents house today and I'm sure my mother stripped everything in the house for money. My father says he won't care but it will be painful. 
back to steps. DH super close with one daughter.  They talk daily.  Yet she keeps distance, rarely visits.. DH never sold his house about 1.5 hrs from my house. It sits empty. SD lives with her BF 5 hrs from my house. So they went to DH's house for Xmas and next week not bothering to come here.  Weird right?  They did not come for Thanksgiving but went to their families week before and excuse was they were too tired to drive here. DH has not shared a holiday with her for past 14 yrs?!  They are stopping here for a day next weekend on their way out of town. I asked DH what this was about? Angry at me?  He said they just want to spend time together?? Hello they live together.   He never looks for the bad in anyone. 
Other SD I sent her daughter a big Xmas gift last week. Of course no response and when DH called her she thanked him and said she was too busy to thank him. She knows I bought it and yet she never even sent a text to me. Expected of course. 
I thought I had a decent relationship with her sister. So odd she is at DH's house and won't come here for Xmas. She knows my adult kids will all be here. Hasn't seen my sons in 15 yrs. But is FB friends with my daughter. Any thoughts?  

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That does seem odd - clearly they don't want to come to your home but can't come up with a good excuse why. Could DH have told them about the drama with your mother and they are worried about that?


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He shared everything.  She even texted me a few times kind of asking me how I was feeling but I didn't respond back. DH does not think it is the reason. He actually see no problem with this arrangement but clearly something is up.

Right now I am just finally relaxing and will share the holidays with those who want to share with me. Lol. 
Happy holidays to all of you. I have appreciated your great support and advice. I wish you all peaceful week.  

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The only other thing I can think of is COVID, but you'd think they'd say that. 

Were you able to talk to APS about your brother's treatment of your mom? I know they live in another state. 

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I shared with them that this is all over money. And my mother is literally like an addict. But all voluntary. They said they see this all the time. 
im not looking forward to seeing the shambles of the house I grew up in. Of course there are things I would have liked to have.  But just material things right?  

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Well, stuff takes on meaning. Did they think it was worth calling APS in her state? It boggles the mind what people will do for money. 

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Good to hear from you.  Your situation is so concerning.

As far as the skids go, I think you just have ignore them and their problems 

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GEEEZ!!!  On top of everything you have to deal with Skid drama.  Perhaps with the problems with your Mother and Brother, it is best they stay away and don't add more drama to an already volatile environment.  They may not know it but they are doing you a favor.