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Something isn't right!!!

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Well SS still has not called his BD since last weekend, still bitter that I did not drop my visit with my mom to rush over and rescue him from the verbal threats his BM was making about him yelling in the house argueing with his sibling who is 15
( he is 19). That whole family are honestly control freaks but I do have to say I do agree with the fact he should not disrespect his BM home, after all he is not a resident there to begin with to be walking around like he is the rooster like he does here. Anyways,let me start out by saying this,all Bf kids are controling and if you are not handing out cash or puckering up to kiss some a** they have no use for you until of course they feel their is something you can provide for them personally, and even still they will bash you behind your back and yet smile to your face. Mind you BF has 5 BK from age 15 to 19, this is not including the 3 SK that he also raised from her previous marriage and they are 21 and up, ALL very hateful and manipulative thats IF they can get you to buy their bullsh*t.So anyways I go on my my facebook last night and you know how if you are friends with someone & whatever they post or who they talk to or whatever also shows up on your wall, BF only had 1 kid out of 5 they was on his friend list and has been on there for a few months now, all of a sudden since SS has been at BM and more then likely pist off I see where the other siblings have now unblocked BD...this including the adult SK as well, I just dont get it ?????? BF says their up to something, they are now talking to BF family members that live out of state that they have never even bothered with before,this is fam on BF side, now all of a sudden they are all over his page..and I am thinking SS who went to BM is behind the scenes somewhere in this contraption.Their all sneaky and liars and story tellers. BF told SS last week that he was tired of all this and was ready to relocate to another state some time next year, its not like hes losen anything here as none of them come around anyways because of BM...she considers it betrayal if they love their father so it turns into a BIG hype, and her other adult BK promote the same crap BM does, they group together to work on BF 5 BK to make BM happy. I dont know what to think about this whole facebook thing, I dont want to block anyone because then it may give the impression we are phased by their antics..but honestly...I cant figure this out and what their whole motive is behind their sudden un-blocking ????????

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Good call B22S22! Or even maybe they want to look back at older posts of FB to see if anything has been said about them.

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I'm hedging on the holidays.... only because starting at the beginning of November my skids "miraculously" started acknowledging my presence. Even to the point my DH commented on it to me.

Why, you ask?

November - birthdays
December - Christmas.

I'd put money down that on 12/26 they will be back to their same old ways for another 11 months.

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IM DISGUTED: Well... almost would of said that was prolly it BUT....I found out and I am so hurt and upset for their BF. One of BF BK had unblocked him I guess just to see what was going on our page now he is re-blocked, so I got on my BS facebook and went to SS page to
see what the real deal was and there it was....He was bashing his father so hard to his family up North it hurt my feelings for his father more then it mad me mad reading it, and mind you SS does not even know his fam up North, it was FIRST time EVER talking to these people. I get mad at the fact they think they had it so bad, I couldnt believe the things I was reading, Their father paid and STILL pays C.P faithfully since the day he left that household. SS made it out like his dad didnt teach him guy stuff ..YES he did, he taught him how to shoot a gun, how to mess with cars..all the things a father teached his sons.. I was there...I seen it. I am disgusted and I am heartbroken over ths story telling, they cry when they have NOTHING to cry about...THEY choose to be fatherless because of their just makes me fricken sick! They want to know what not being cared about is like..then they should have a real conversation with my son who never got a card for holidays or b-days in his life from his BD and I NEVER got childsupport either, t grinds my rear how BM will and sat there for 6 fricken years crying poor me oh poor us, I wish I had HALF the dang support those kids and BM got....ERRR....I AM LIVID!!!!

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I know its wrong to say this..but my lord..some people deserve a good punch in the face!!!!!

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So do you think they friended your DH to get to the relatives, then once that happened they blocked him again?


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EXACTLY correct, see oldest SS went BM last weekend, and previously his Father told him we wanted to move out of state up North where hs fam was next year, Now all of a sudden SK are friending BF fam and smashing him, I guess they fig if we move they cant amke his life hell here so they will start throwen dirt before we move up that way...THIS IS WHY there are issues between him and BK, and Bm promotes it. The WHOLE issue with ALL them kids is they DO NOT except authority, BM NEVER disciplined those kds and refused to let BD be a father and take part in that they did whatever they wanted to.I could not believe what I was reading..he was saying how his dad didnt teachn him guy stuff.....THATS A LIE, how he taught himself and some neighbor guy taught him. BD taught them gun safety and how to shoot, taught them about maintenance and cars.....I can recall being at work and BF calling me saying he was taking the boys out to the property for some guy time to shoot the 22, I CAN NOT stand the story telling. They think they got it so fricken bad and it erks me, they wanna know what its like to not be cared for they need to have a deep convo with my BS whos father NEVER paid CP, NEVER sent a birthday card or hoilday card, NEVER a phone....NOTHING! its is like my son BD never exsisted, and yet her My BF pays child support since the day he left that hateful household and STILL does faithfully , every pay day friend of the court takes it out of his check, but yet SK and BM will sit there like " Oh poor me, oh poor us..your dads a peice of sh*t". For 6 years...SIX YEARS it has been nothing but lies and manipulation and smart comments because that family has to have control over everything and EVERYBODY, and well if you dont complye they try to make your life living hell. I am mad..but not as mad as my BF. His son actually had the audasity to tell BF uncle up north who he NEVER met that if BD trys to discipline him anymore he is going to f*ck his world up...can you believe that ??? I am pist!