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So I've been doing good with this disengaging thing, but...'s picture

...ever since SD31 ASSUMED that a quotation post I put on FB was about her sister, SD20, there have been a slew of nasty messages, etc., blaming me for their fathers lack of visiting, etc., etc., making invalid assumptions, etc. Well, well, well, I find today that she (SD31) is being accused of the same thing by her little FB friends because she had to post "none of these quotes is about anyone in particular, I just like them, etc., etc." How does it feel when things are ASSUMED you little twit?? I am getting better at ignoring her completely, but sometimes I see things and just need to vent and say WTF???

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Facebook is a cesspool IMO. I suggest you do the same when it comes to your overall disengagement plan with her. Block her from being able to send you messages or have access to your site.

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I agree, and stop poking around her FB page too. If you react/respond to anything, you are feeding into her narc supply. You don't want to do that.

Walk away. Silence is the best revenge with these people. They want drama, they want to get you to engage in it, they want to drag you down to their level.

All it's going to do is stir up frustration and anger inside of you and it will suck the joy completely out of you. It can even affect your relationship to your DH.

They are DEAD to you. Stop getting your emotions involved with that sort of crap. They are not worth a brain cell of thought.

Stay the course and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on your marriage and finding fun and happy things to do together. Time will fly by and you will be building a solid foundation for your marriage. You will need it. These narcs are powerful. They don't think like we do. They don't feel.

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Phew I avoid Facebook at all costs, as someone has said it really is a cesspool, I am also working on disengaging myself, in my case sd6 is lovely, its her bm thats the problem, yesterday was spent trying to calm down, lets drink to the day when they no longer effect us in any way.