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Skilled at what they do.

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DH has had a terrible week with personal issues I won't get into. His daughter has been calling non stop and last night DH put her on speaker. She honestly talked to him like he was a small child, soft voice. "Are you ok"?  
Then conversation moved on to Xmas, which SD has never ever spent with DH since he has known me 15plus yrs! Or thanksgiving.  DH asked her like in the summer for last Christmas. She ended up going to her in-laws. 
DH asked her again last night. Mind you he has been asking for weeks and she's been stringing him along.  He's been telling me she is coming. She is coming. 
I have to hand it to her she is very skilled. So she has decided to fly cross country to spend it with his ex wife. And she was complaining how terribly expensive tickets are!!!  But dad I'm coming the next month. Oh wonderful he says.  He hangs up never understanding how he is played. 
me I'm ecstatic !!!!   

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DH's children used to do this to him all the time. The hardest part of our situation for DH was having to accept that his kids aren't kind to him.

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He thinks they are the greatest. She only shows up here if something is in for her. Like a vacation home or an exclusive sporting event that DH buys them tickets for. But this conversation was soooooo smooth but then the dig. She's telling him she's paying top dollar to avoid spending Xmas with him. I'm sure it's related to me and my kids. But he is oblivious to it. She just stroke his ego, she speaks in a soft seductive voice. Really soothing.  And never is definite about her plans with him. It's hard to describe. 

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"She just stroke his ego, she speaks in a soft seductive voice. Really soothing.  And never is definite about her plans with him."

Men fall for this tactic so often. Anything the smooth-talking woman says is just eaten up. If she does something wrong, she didn't know any better. She tries her best, she just gets confused!

I would try these tactics myself but i just can't seem to do it without almost throwing up. 

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I did try this morning. At our age I we are done playing games. These girls mother was a seductress. Seriously. With any guy. They had a great teacher. But he doesn't see the pattern here. 

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Oh yes, they learn the art of manipulation from the BM.  I call it "putting moves on DADDDDY".  After my SO's daughter is finished with him his head is spinning,  eyes are rolling and his tongue is hanging out.   He stupidly repeats back every ridiculous lie she just told him like it was the gospel truth.  

Yeah I wish I had it in me to be that way sometimes but it's not worth the effort.   I think it only works for their Precious Princesses. 

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God, this gives me PTSD. My SD uses the "baby voice." She used to do a "baby walk/shuffle" that went along with it. I was always surprised her thumb wasn't in her mouth, too. It's hard and sad to see our husbands taken in like this. They so much want to believe their kids really, truly love them. At one point, my DH said, "Well, if all I get is crumbs, that is ok." Well, all right then, dude. . . see how that goes. 

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It makes me wanna puke on her, or piss on her leg.

A pouty head tilted to the side batting her eyes sickeningly sweet baby voiced "I'm spe-cial."  Nope, she is a thieving POS.  Nothing special about her.  Other than her big sister. She, is special beyond measure.


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So - Im thick in the head right now - is the play that she spent all this time stringing him along as to his invitation to visit for holidays, and at the 11th hour made it know shes alreayd bought (expensive) tix to see her mother, BM, (because shes more important dontcha know) and made it so he is super grateful he gets the crumbs in January? Happily hoovers the January crumbs?

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I remember the 1st birthday for the first kid Princess had.  I overheard the conversation about a birthday party and how she had to go buy decorations.  

I played dumb and asked where the party was being held.   He said her scummy hole in the wall apartment.  I asked if he was going, he said "I guess so..."

Lololol.  BM throws any and all parties at her party trailer that has an inground swimming pool.   They're always epic alcohol and drug fueled events.   That's where the baby's first party was planned for from the get go.

SO never received an invitation, of course. 

They believe everything they're told by the Princesses and sit around waiting for things that never happen.   

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We just spent TG with my IL clan for the first time in 6yrs.  Overseas, COVID quarantine, new jobs, moving, etc...  We did not avoid it for 6yrs. Life just happened.

My DW let her entire family know 6+mos in advance that she/we would be home for TG.

This is the first TG that my IL clan has ever had together actually on TG day.  

Which of course caused a shit storm.  DW's Sibs do TG day with their mate's families and my IL clan do their TG on Saturday.  Not this year. MIL informed all of her kids that TG would occur on TG day at MIL's home and the whole family would be there. PERIOD DOT!

BIL1's MIL lost her mind, so did BIL1's bovine bride.  She polluted the entire day with her mopey whiney pouty shit.  SIL's MIL tried the same thing but SIL's DH shut his idiot mother down.  He knows she is an idiot and when necessary will shove her into her hole.  He basically told her to deal with it and not contact him again all day.

SIL was waffling between my DW and BIL1's bovine bride.  She knew that BB was being a raging biotch but played the BB's games because they all live in the same small town and..... BB watches SIL's youngest spawn fairly regularly.   

The whole IL clan has a raging case of Ostrich Syndrome and rampant The Emperor's New Clothes itis.  They all see the shit, they all ignore the shit.  

Not me, and not DW. 

After the day ended we were cleaning up and DW, me, MIL, and Aunt were visiting. MIL approached DW and asked directly "What is wrong?  You have been off all day."  So, DW told her.  I had to bite my tongue. MIL knew exactly what was wrong and smiles and is all chipper while it is happening.  I have a hard time not calling all of them out on the crap in real time.  Including my MIL.

Now, a week+ later, DW is all worried that she upset her mom by saying something.  I had to point to DW that she did nothing to upset anyone and tell her to stop blaming herself for the family delusions.