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Shower for YSD at BM's House

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So we were talking to YSD on the weekend

She tells us she's coming home for a visit next month. We say Great!

She says that BM is holding a baby shower for her. We say That's Nice!

She says that BM asked her to send her a list of people to invite, and that YSD wants me to come. I start to cringe, but say Oh that's sweet of you YSD

Then she tells me that it'll be held at BM's home....I really really was wracking my brain trying to think of a good reason why I couldn't be there, but then I thought, no that's not fair to YSD

She wants me there, she made a point of specifically asking me, so for her I will do it Sad

But she did ask if she could invite my sisters, I say of course, while feeling much relief Biggrin least if I have my sisters there with me I can do this!

So, will bring some wine, some sisters, and make it the most fun we can...while putting up with BM, SIL and OSD!

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Ugh. Enjoy. Yeah doesn't sound like fun to me. You are very kind to go for your step daughter.

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You can do this. I survived a baby shower for YSD by myself at the deceased ex's sister's home.

It was awkward. I knew no one but SDs and the aunt (BM's sister). One of the cousins and I were having a nice conversation and then she asked me how I knew SD. When I told her, she looked horrified, excused herself and walked away.

But, despite it all, I am glad I went. And at the end of the day the aunt did thank me for coming. And now when I think of the cousin incident I just shake my head and laugh.

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I would simply tell YSD - Hon that's so sweet of you but I think it would be best if we just do our little own thing after BM's....

BM is not comfortable hosting you and your family, and YSD gets 2 showers

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I think it will be fine. YSD always makes sure you are welcomed and treated well. Very nice that she thought to include your sisters and checked with you first. To me that suggest she would like them there because she thinks of them as aunts , knows it will give you 'friends' to feel comfortable socializing (she knows what *ss her older sister and aunt can be) and she didn't want to ask if it would put out your sisters on the spot or feel obligated.

Probably better being at BM's than OSD or SIL's. OSD has a houseful of little ones along with new baby and well, SIL is a snarly sourpuss who wouldn't make a gracious hostess.

Go. Have fun. Congrats on yet another new grandbaby. Smile

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OH! I always get stressed when there is a "blended family gathering", and drink a little too much. Not a very good idea as the "Gremlin" comes out with an evil giggle, and trouble just seems to happen. Last year and the year before it was the tortuous YSD's birthday pool party. UGH. I feel for you, but with sustenance and your troops behind you, you'll make It great!

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granny goose, thanks so much as always for not only a great chuckle Biggrin but good insights too!

Again, I will be thinking of your advice while there (and having a silent little laugh)

Yes, with my sisters - who are sooooo on to BM/SIL/OSD - I think we may even have fun!

And YSD's MIL and SIL will be there. These ladies are total class, super nice, completely hit it off with them on the occasions we've been together.

Added reinforcement!

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Dadswife and notasm, you're absolutely right, and, great idea. We should totally do that!

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twoviewpoints yes that is another reason why I do want to do - YSD does make an effort where I'm concerned, she also likes my sisters (and they do dote on her for sure) so I would feel a little bit bad not going....I think it will be okay as well Smile