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seeking advice

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I am married to a women who was never married, no children..was a business owner and kids at the time were in their 20's and now mid to late thirties...we have a great relationship other then my kids! she keeps telling me all the things, and how, they should should I address the issue that the kids are adults, they do not reflect on her, or me at this point ...any advice is appreciated, thanks

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I agree that DH and SM have no say what Adult skids do with their own life - unless the adult skids are in DH's & SM's house - or if the adult skids are treating either DH or SM disrespectfully. When my SD would come over with her hubby they brought their dogs who DID trash our house, chewed up my favorite shoes and an expensive arch support. It would have been nice if SD had offered to at least pay part of the cost of replacing the arch support. At the time I was under the misconception I should just let it go to keep the peace, and DH didn't do anything either. They also acted as if they were entitiled to be waited on, not lifting a finger to clean up after themselves, and we were expected to pay for everything. If that happened today, I would not stay silent.

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If she is complaining about your kids, there is a reason for it. They are adults so you can not really tell them what to do but you can inform them you expect them to respect her as your wife. I can guarantee you, if you treat the marriage as it is first priority she will stop complaining.

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Absolutely. this poster may have many motives but one of them could well be to try to genuinely help whatever his situation is. I for one would really like to hear what he has to say and the suggestion that he should forget about his children is utterly disgraceful.'s picture

I agree Augusta; maybe stepmumfromhell mistyped something, because I cannot believe what I read. As much as I want to disengage myself from my DH's grown children, I have always been the one who encouraged him to call them more, see them more, etc.; of course, I got the blame for why he didn't anyhow, but to require anyone to forget about their children, grown or not, is ridiculous!

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She is the proverbial black sheep that we really try to ignore. She's a few peanuts short of a circus.

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No, she didn't mistype anything. She sprinkles this BS across many blogs.

Given her family relationships, I can't help but believe she's wandered out of a holler somewhere & just happened upon internet access & is posting this backwoods drivel.

I have to believe that's where she hooked up with this DH 30 years her senior, who clearly hasn't a backbone, or even a vertebra in his body. Perhaps he depends on her to spoon-feed him or something & the only way she'll help him is if he disowns his first family.

She seems to truly believe that he'll ever just forget them, not love them, not want them, not miss them...he'll only love her & the family he has with her from now until forever.

She's a....nevermind. No namecalling.

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I have a hunch it's a male, either a disgruntled embittered husband or a couple of teens. The pity is that newcomers to the site could take it seriously, but I think it should be appreciated for spoof value. It always helps me to lighten up, so thanks SMFH.