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Roll out that red carpet! OSD,is getting married

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Last night, SO told me she just told him the news.OSD,will be getting married on St Patricks Day weekend it will be a "destination" wedding.
I tried to act excited for him.
I then ask him,"Isn't that when fiancé's yearly family reunion takes place?"(they're Irish) SO,told me yes that is why they are doing it then.(it's eight hours away)
SO told me how OSD would like for me and my 3 children to come. She would also like for us to share a cabin that weekend. I told him I wasn't sure about that.(us,my 3 kids and her two young kids, plus a newlywed couple,EWE!)
I asked who all would be attending besides, fiancé's family. He said his other two kids and BM. It's to be an intimate event.(Ha,more like,OSD has no friends, BMs family is poor, and she hates most of SOs family meaning they don't pamper her)
After, hearing that I was wondering, where is BM and the other kids going to stay our cabin, lol!
I asked SO what his "part" in this wedding will be. He very nonchalantly said,"all I have to do is buy the wedding dress." I laughed and said"is that all?that's kind of scary since OSD is a label whore!" He laughed in agreeance and said,"she won't be that bad."
So,what I have gathered is OSD will be pretty much having a free wedding,seeing that fiance's family usually pays for their cabin, but now her father will be.BTW,IF I go I won't be bunking with anyone.
OSD, has managed to make something once again, revolve all around her. I mean her anniversary will be on her fiances family reunion! There will be a year she won't want to go!
I wonder what fiances family thinks! As much as I don't like her my feelings did get hurt when someone told me his Mom(OSD future MIL) couldn't believe her sons gf already had a child.They also, bought them a house when she got pregnant by was all to save face and not be looked down upon...small town livin'

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Heeee,heeee I was already planning an illness or a mini vacation for my bios. Of course bd13 got excited when she heard....ugh....

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I just had to add an annoying OSD story on FB or in general speaking she always mentions or says "I'm a home owner" or "Since, I own my home..."
I just laugh inside what a weirdo. TI FFILs name is on the deed

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SS30 is telling everyone how he's getting a house for pregnant GF. And how he's going to be a "responsible father" and provide for his son. He has no money, no credit, no car, can't hold a job and is an alcoholic who also dabbles in drugs. Really?

Truth is that GF's mother is buying a small starter home that is a real fixer upper and will be charging them rent Even DH shakes his head at the thought that SS will be fixing anything up. He doesn't know how to do anything - even paint.

SS has not even seen the house. He has nothing to do with buying it. This is all a transaction between GF and her mother.

I'd love to know what GF's parents think of SS30. But I will not be meeting them either. I know what they will eventually think of him. But he can be charming and put up a good first impression. He just can't maintain it.

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Is your H handy???? Mine is and every other day its "hey,we need you to put up a fence(because its that easy), a garage door, or anything else you could think of.... And there he goes hauling ass!
I don't even ask him for things around our house anymore I do it myself because he's already "committed"

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I'm probably more handy than my DH. Smile My dad taught me a lot about electrical, plumbing and A/C stuff plus I was single for years.

And you know there's NO way I will be doing anything for drunkboy. So I don't think it's going to be an issue for us. We did live very close (couple of miles) to SS and GF. We moved north of the city and they are now going to move south of the city - so it will not be that close.

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Why on Earth would she expect you to share a cabin with her?

Really, getting married at a family reunion is weird. I wonder who's idea that was?

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This is going to backfire on her. They will get tired of their family reunion being all about her.
I predict it will get to the point where other family members go out of their way to Not recognize the anniversary.

Then she'll feel shunned and left out and won't want to go. He won't be able to go either because it's their anniversary and he'll start to resent it!
Let the games begin!

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The cabin sharing is soooo odd IDK
I think they planned it then so all his family will be there and of course, gift them, NO EXCUSES!

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I think sharing a cabin means you, your 3 kids, and her kids. You are to be there to watch the kids.
I highly doubt new bride and groom will be sharing with you.

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Oh,boy! You got it! I didn't think that at first, but yes! She knows my BKS will follow the youngens!

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I know a couple who got married at the groom's mother's annual crawfish boil. All of the family was going to be there so it was easy on everyone. But the bride's family was local too.

The couple did not make it all about them. The crawfish boil went on as usual and then after everyone had eaten they took about 15 minutes to stand up (shorts and tshirts for all) and had quick ceremony. I thought it worked out great. Presents were discouraged also.

And their anniversary was never mentioned again at future events. But then of course these were normal people.

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The cabin sharing is code for "child dumping." You will be totally responsible for her kids and every tear they spurt will be All Your Fault.