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I'm sorry. You all know I have disengaged from my partner's dughter and the BRAT but I cannot take their STENCH anymore. 

This morning his daughter came and she STANK UP my home. I was sniffing and had a stern look on my face. AS SOON AS SHE WENT, I took up every cushion she sat near, the two towels in the large bathroom and small bathroom and washed them as her stench follows her and I dont trust her to put her 'funny bits' against my clean towels (which she has left her make-up stains and other unidentiofable marks on my towels before). Some of the cushions, I switched around in the conservatory as my partner sits in there most of the time......

I washed my towels and the place smelled nice and fresh......until.........

The BRAT has now come in the afternoon after school. OMG!!! She REEKS TOO!!!!!! Mother and daughter BOTH smell RAW and of stale fish!!!!!!

I am going to work up my courage to tell my partner about those two and their shortfall in personal hygiene. I am sure my partner knows they STINK as he had prevfiously made a comment about the perfume that she used....and she said that she wasn't using guess is that they now get out of bed, do not wash and douse themselves in perfume to attempt to smell better...they smell WORSE....


To be quite honest at least the King of STINKNESS, my partner's worthless eldest adult son (sperm donor of many) does not darken my door since I BANNED him from the house, due to blatant disrespect.......

 My disengagement continues and they KNOW IT.......I sure am fed up......


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Is it your house? Did you own it before your met your partner. Put a stop to this nonsense, woman.

Gross. Barf.

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Thank you for your comment.  My name is on the mortgage. As I am the only breadwinner the mortgage adviser stated that I would get a higher mortgage multiples if it was in my name alone. Thank God. I do not want my partner's eldest son, his daughter or the BRAT to lay claim to ANY of my assets...they can have my BILLS though......

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My DH always says that SS18 smells bad when he comes over, and I have never smelled it once.  It is possible you have a sensitive sniffer and he doesn't.

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Thank you for your comment. My nose is sensitive but my grandchildren have asked me why do they smell so bad... On one occasion, my eldest grandson even asked the BRAT one day if she had had a bath that morning. She said no. When I asked her, she said Yes. 



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This is so gross. This is where I would be telling that hobo to take a shower myself if my SO didn't do it himself. This is on the list of "things I can't live with and keep quiet about".

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Thanl you for your comment. I just keep my distance from them and their stench. One of their own cousins made a comment to me about their stench. I just laughed and said nothing.......

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that is why my avatar is a lysol can!  I used to have to lysol and bleach everything thoroughly to get the stench of the three ferals out of my house.  Might want to carry around a small jar of Vicks vaporub to put underneath your nostrils!  LOL

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Thank you for your comment. I've poured  so much bleach disinfectant and bleach in my home in one certain hidden place, the beading on the floor has warped....


Been there done that.....


It is embarrassing when others come to my home and the BRAT is there stinking up the place.  I'll rub some Vicks vapour rub around my nostrils when they come next... better still I wish they would NOT come......

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Your home.  Look like here no BF in her future.  This is your DH offspring. He must be used to the smell. Must of gotten it from BM 

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Thank you for your comment. 

I am disengaged from my partner's adult children in the U.K. I have dropped heavy hints in their presence about offensive smells in the house and refuse to use anything they have touched without washing it first....

I am sure that they KNOW I THINK THEY STINK...

Due to the fact that my partner KNOWS I HATE HIS KIDS AND THE BRAT in the UK I am treading very carefully.

One of my children also had a BO problem but I spoke to that child directly and the problem no longer exists....


If push comes to shove I will have no alternative but to tell her directly but may mention it to my partner first but I know he will remind me of the BO problem my child had....

My partner told me that his daughter's mother was a very clean woman. My partner is also a clean man.

I do not know where the daughter gets the bad odour from but I know there is a sweating condition that I think his kids in the UK  could have. This can be controlled by the usage of soap and water.

I am biding my time as I am 100% certain others are talking about their bad odour. Even my 'source of info' has noticed the bad odour from them.....

We shall see.....





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If she has a fishy smell, it's quite possible (likely even) that she has bacterial vaginosis. Maybe get her to a doctor? Hearing about hygiene from a professional might give her the jolt she needs?

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My partner's daughter has taken the BRAT to the Doctor before on other ailments. I think they STINK as THEY DO NOT WASH... Sometimes they come and they DON'T STINK but 90% of the time they DO..

I am working up my courage as how to approach the issue with my partner......

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I complained about SD14s smell when she was around 11. It was like pulling teeth to get her to bathe let alone brush her teeth, wear clean clothes or wear pajamas. Let alone change her bedding. I totally disengaged from it after a while. 

DH finally woke up one afternoon when he, in the middle of winter, had to roll down the car windows because she smelled so bad.They came into the house, she crying up a storm and DH after her making sure she got her rear into the shower. While he wasn't great at follow through over the next few years, he was appalled at her lack of hygiene. Unfortunately he didn't know how to handle it and I refused.

I only said something if she sat near me or was in my car, or we were going somewhere. She only used old towels (she destroyed the good ones she was given) and I never bought her clothing, esp since she never washed anything.

Near the end of her staying with us she walked by me and I almost gagged the stench was so bad. But I just left the area!

Just make some parameters for yourself, what you will and won't deal with. Let your DH know in a calm, matter of fact way. 

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Thank you for your comment. I am bracing myself to tell my partner as I know he will get defensive about his kids. He already knows I think his worthless adult son STINKS. When I told my partner about his son's bad odour he was not amused or happy. Other people have commented about the son's bad odour. 

Their own cousin confided in me that she was disgusted with the odour and behaviour of her cousins. I said very little but did laugh. My partner's daughter lived with the cousin and the cousin observed a lot and complained to me , saying that my partner's daughter could NEVER EVER  LIVE WITH HER AGAIN..... 

Because I am disengaged from my partner's adult children in the UK, I will calmly sit him down and inform him in due course but he knows that I do not welcome them in the house due to their past behaviour.......

We shall see.....










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My partner's daughter has just dropped off the BRAT. She did not come into my home. Her father answered the door. She KNOWS any how her father was not here she could NOT knock MY door.

I have rubbed the Vicks vapour rub around my nostrils..... It is BLISS!!!!!

I am upstairs in my bedroom as I say NOTHING to the BRAT apart from hi and bye...her care is down to my partner as she is not my circus and not my monkey...that is the consequence of her disrespect to me......

I have blatantly gone into the front room, opened the window and sprayed perfume everywhere, stating that the smell in the room is not right...she knows I am saying that she (the mannerless BRAT ) STINKS....

My partner said nothing.... ..but knows that his daughter AND the BRAT BOTH STINK....The Vicks vapour rub in my nostrils did dilute the stench slightly......


We shall see........


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Yuk! Your partner needs to talk to his stinky brood about their stench if he hasn't already, especially since they keep coming over.

YSS (30's) came into our home a while back and took of his shoes.....Ugh! The smell of his feet was so bad, and he was walking all over our house with those stinky feet. I had to sanitize the carpets and floors, because the stench lingered. Yuk! I told DH how awful it was and DH acted like he didn't smell much of anything. Adult steps are not welcome in our home because they cannot respect our marriage. Lucky for me, an adult skid visit is few and far between.

good luck


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Thank you for your comment. My partner gets very defensive when I mention anything to do with his rotten kids in the UK. He cannot take any criticism that they are not perfect. My kids are certainly not perfect....

I may have to engage underground tactics and enlist the assistance of the cousin to tell my partner's daughter about her bad odour......FBI and CIA tactics...    


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You are in the UK..maybe MI5 or 6 could help..OR  Bond....James Bond!

Shaken not stirred!


And a gallon drum  filled with full strength Pine Sol with spray nozzle to douse the louse (s).



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Thank you for your comment. I almost choked on the sweet I was sucking. That comment made me laugh!!!!!

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I have stinky skids too. At first I just dealt with it. DH kept telling me it was the smell of teenagers - their hormones, etc. But, I got pregnant and their presence made me want to puke all the time. I stayed away from them and if I was in the car with them, I kept the windows open. I also threatened that they would not be allowed in my car if they stunk and DH also enforced that rule by requiring them to put on deoderant before any ride in my car. Then, I learned to just not smell anything when they were around. It was like my nostrils knew to clamp up during their visits.

That was what changed it. I no longer complained because I just avoided them, wouldn't sit to close to them, wouldn't hug them, and just stopped using my nostrils. Within a short amount of time, DH couldn't stand the smell of them. They'd walk past him, he'll make a face and then ask me if I smelled anything. Everytime, I'd tell him I learned to stop using my nose, and maybe he should try it too. And, it was really true, I couldn't smell them because I stopped smelling anything. Their smell drove and still drives DH nuts. He's constantly telling them to shower and put on anti-persperant. He is the one who tells them to stay away if they are going to continue to smell bad.

Now both skids are better at slathering on massive amount of deoderant. SD18 gets embarrased when DH calls her out on her stinkiness and if SS wants to have dinner with us or get rides from DH he knows he has to smell somewhat decent. And, SS knows that if he doesn't slather on deoderant then he may be forced to take a shower, so at least he covers up his stench.

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I feel your pain, youngest sister in law has horrible hygeine and her stench will linger when she leaves the room.  She has mental problems and doesn't like to shower. I have to open all the windows and spray down wherever she's sat.  There'd be no way I could live with that.  

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Thank you for your comment. That is the main reason why my partner's daughter and her BRAT will NEVER EVER LIVE under my roof. 

She and her BRAT do not like me (vice versa), take liberties and have no manners. I only have time for respectful people and THEY KNOW I HATE THEM AND THE REASONS WHY.....

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The extra strength  formula to mask animal stench.When they walk in start spraying those stinky skids.

ESPECIALLY the pits and crotch.

      Wherever they sit ~spray spray spray.

And hold your nose.Tell them they stink.Right in front of them,spray your heart out.

YUCK.Smelly humans . I bet they don't shower, wipe their asses properly and are allergic to soap or something.Next they'll be transportation for chiggers, saber toothed crotch crickets , scabies and any other gross contagion .

Your DH,too, is a Butt Head for allowing ther slovenliness.

Spray him ,too.

Invest in clothespins for your nose and plastic tarps to cover the furniture .

You poor thing having to endure this ..I am gagging reading your post.



Good Luck.


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Thank you for your comment. Those smilies were very appropriate. I need more than luck. I need a prayer....what I'm gonna do is to continue spraying perfume in  the room RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. THAT SHOULD DROP THE HINT...I am aware of the precarious economic situation in the UK and all the issues surrounding Theresa May and Brexit but this is ridiculous. I am aware that the UK govt is implementing the rollout of water meters and if my partner's daughter and her BRAT want to have a bath at my home, I will not deny them that whatever the cost......

I personally think my partner is too embarrassed to tell them that they STINK.. ...




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Plastic covers for the furniture and old/cheap towels. If you have to, hide the good towels when The Stench enters.

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Thank you for your comment. 

I now strip the soft furnishings off the sofa before they come to my home.....

I hide my towels upstairs as their fingers are light.... 

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The stench of an older SKid is nothing that a box of Brillo pads and a trip to the back garden for a hose down won't fix. Preferably in cold weather.

Don't let them into your home until they fix the problem. Hand them the box of Brillo pads and a bottle of Dishwashing Liquid and direct them to the garden hose.

They can drip dry outside rather than stench up your towels.

Confront their stench publically each and every time they show up and for goodnes sake do not go out in public with them.

We  had this problem with my SS when he was in his teens. He would shower and swear up and down he scrubbed thoroughly.  Yet he still stunk to high heaven. After he would shower it he would smell like a combination of soap and stench.    Finally I tossed him his swim trunks and followed him into his bathroom to supervise his shower.  As he washed I started laughing my ass off.  He got more and more irritated with me as his shower progressed.

He would start by grabbing his shampoo bottle, turning it upside down over his head, then squeezing it.  He would then go through the motions of lathering up his head then thoroughly rincing his hair.  And he would do it all ... TWICE.....

Then he would grab the soap and do the same all over his body.... also TWICE.

While his body was nicely clean... he had been squeezing an empty shampoo bottle over his head for months.  Talk about a teen boy brain fart. So... I instructed him to stop squeezing shampoo directly from the bottle onto his head and start putting the shampoo in his hand first then lather up his head.  That way he could tell when the bottle was empty. And I tuned him into the squeeky hair test for measuring if it is clean or not.  It was funny as hell watching his eyes light up as he gained clarity.  He would regularly add soap to the shopping list but we had not noticed that he never added shampoo to the list for his bathroom.

To this day his mom and give SS-26 shit  about the miraculous never ending bottle of shampoo.



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Thanks Rags for your comment. I have been dropping heavy hints to my partner about bad odours. I am sure that he knows I am trying to tell him about his daughter and the BRAT'S bad smell.....


I'll keep dropping hints......

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The cheeky b***ch and her BRAT came to the house today. I was in the office as usual on Weds.

My partner let it slip that she did some clothes washing today at my home. If the stupid idiot had any shame she would not show her face at my home. I am pushing my partner to liaise with his contacts as the building trade can go slow.. If my partner gets a job, his daughter is not going to dump her BRAT into ME. Stupid fool waits until I am not there then begs her father for her to use this and that in my home. I am usually a very kind person but when I realise someone is taking the mickey out of me , I turn EVIL.....

She can go and get her PIMP  to help her cos I AIN'T DOING ANYTHING FOR HER AND/OR HER BRAT AS THEY BOTH PONG, hate me, disrespect me and take liberties. 

I hope for the love of Jesus she and her BRAT had a bath cos I cannot take much more of their stench....

Metaphorically speaking, if my partner was to kick the bucket 2marra, that would be the last day they come to my home.....

I came home and the Henry lead was not placed properly. It was placed upside down and could have injured a young child. I don't know how people can be so THICK as to not know to replace things as to how they are normally kept. I have demonstrated to everyone how the lead should be placed but I think  they are not putting things back properly to get on my nerves. If they can't buck up their ideas the Henry vacuum cleaner will grow feet and disappear to my car.......

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I feel for you, here  SS stanks. Dirty hair, clothes just reek. Dh is probably  use to it. I rolled the car window down many times, the times he’s been over the odor is in my house and nose for hrs it seems. Yuck. 

‘I can relate to your post for sure !!!! I’ve spray perfume after stank left even. 

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Thank you for your comment. Please see the update to this post whereby I have told my partner about the bad smell I have noticed from the BRAT and his daughter.. .he was not amused..  ...