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A post about father "ruining" his daughter's wedding

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I came across this post made by a father:



The summary is:

- Daughter has been alienated by mother for years. Daughter only contacts father for money.

- Just before her wedding, daughter contacts her father so she can pretend to be close to him to impress her in-laws

- Father lets truth slip right before the wedding

- Weddings gets cancelled

- Father is guilted into paying off the $60K of wedding expenses.

- AFTER he pays it off, daughter comes to his business, breaks things with a baseball bat and threatens her stepmother who is there (who has no blame in any of this by the way)


I thought it was refreshing to see so many people rightfully put the daughter in her place. It's too bad the father seems blinded by guilt to understand them.

This is such a typical outcome for parents and alienated kids. Everyone is damaged and no proper emotional tools.

And that poor stepmother. Thought she could finally see her stepdaughter go far away. Instead she gets threatened with violence.

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Yes, I'm impressed that the family didn't just fall for the daughter's version of the "truth" about the father, which the ex would likely be happy to support.

The father's first mistake was allowing his kid to use him for money just to have a relationship with her, those many years ago.  My DH was alienated from his son for 3.5 years and he was very careful not to fall into that trap. His son is back in his life, and they are not close, but at least his son knows that my DH will not be used or abused by him or his batshit crazy mother.  This father does not owe one cent for the wedding.

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I agree with many of the people who responded in the article - the family must have sensed something before the Father got drunk and blew it.  The Father is not entirely innocent, as he should have just kept his mouth shut, but if his Daughter was THAT bad it would be hard to hide her attitude entirely.  Has anyone had the experience of knowing someone who becomes more obnoxious as time passes by?  Then when you finally decide to remove them from your life, you are surprised to find that several other people had the same impression?

When I disengaged from SD and decided to stay home instead of attending her wedding DH's family actually told me they didn't blame me.  Very few of them have anything to do with her.   The only one who could not see through her was DH.

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I hate only reading part of the story.  I went to the page hoping to find out that the dad didn't have his head up his butt. He left it at him being curled up, trying to figure out how to still pay for this after the destruction from the baseball bat.  I hope some called the cops, and had her locked up.  


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Wow what a story! It seems like everyone in the family is a bit screwy.

The dad can't hold his alcohol, has loose lips, and a lot of misplaced guilt

The daughter lies, is a user, and has anger issues

The BM alienated the kid

The fiance obviously jumped into the situation without knowing much about the family, then wisely jumped out 

I agree, the poor SM! She had nothing to do with this sh*t show and is being threatened with a bat by her estranged SD, then husband wonders why his wife is upset. Duh