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A Phone with YSD

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Today I had a rare phone call discussion with YSD

DH's birthday is coming up and friends of ours have a custom gift for him which  but needed a little personal family info/background

For one of the questions I didn't know the info so texted OSD and asked her

I was getting very delayed, one word answers from her

Figured she didn't want to give any info to me as she didn't know what was going on  (amazes me that SD's think that way but then again since usually their sneeky slimy actions have agendas I guess they figure I must be the same as them)

Anyway I finally said to her by text that I could call her if she would rather we talk and I fill her in. She responded yes that she was curiious to know "what I was up to" 

So I called her when DH was out of hearing range to explain our friend's gift and then she gave me the answer. We chatted for a bit and I noticed some interesting things about her demeanor with me when just us talking and DH not present for the conversation

Unlike any phone calls with DH or DH & I together, she did not include sgkids. No big annoucement that Grandma Disillusioned was on the line like she would when it was DH (and SGD would be saying "Hi Grandpa DH!!!!" and then chatting his head off.)

No, for me just a call from her and I, sgkids not included

Also whenever DH is on the phone YSD always ends by making sure to emphasize "I love you Dad" or if it's both of us on the call she'll try to impress DH with saying "love you both" to us

But just me on the call? Not a chance LOL

But on a good note, the call was pleasant. It may not have been family like or loving at all but it was respectful and upbeat. 

And that works for me

I did not ask to speak wth sgkids (athough YSD chatted a little about how busy she is with the baby and how he always wants to be with her) and I did not add an"I love you" when I hung up either

I'm no longer under the false impression that the relationship YSD and I have is anything more imporant than simply two non-family members that don't particularly even like each other, but work to be civil and get along for the sake on no confrontation. Doesn't mean her sneaky games are still going not on as much as she thinks she can get away with, but not much affects me anymore with that and I think she's caught on to it