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Paybacks are a b____h

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When my stepgrandson was 1 , my SD had a little book she wanted everyone to leave a message in so he could read it when he was older. At the time, my DH and I muttered under our breath that we were going to write we hoped he would be three times as awful to his mom(my SD) as she was to us! Ok, we were half kidding but you can gather we had already had our fill of this SD.

Fast forward to Sunday. I have been disengaged for 3 1/2 years from both SD's. Unfortunately, lately I have had to deal with this one twice in the past month because after much hate and vile letter writing to us,(she's 30) SD is getting a divorce. She waltzed right into our home a few weeks ago , never mutter one word of remorse, just sat there and let us visit with our 3 grandchildren (who we hadn't seen for 3 1/2 years and she held a ransome from us).
We are still not sure what she wants(doesn't matter, she not getting anything!) but she makes us feel very uncomfortable.

She is cheating on her hubby. Unfortunately for her, her 9 year old son has read his texts, etc.

Well, here is where the payback is coming. Two night in a row, my soon to be ex son in law has been summoned to her house because she cannot handle this 9 year old child. He says he hates her, calls her a liar, confronts her with her affair etc. Then to top it all off, the 9 year old follows them around at the county fair (they are staying there as the 9 year old is showing a 4-h cow). He stalks her, she is intimately meeting with this guy . He runs out of his hiding place and kicks the guy in the shins!

Now, I know this poor boy needs corrected, I know this poor boy is hurting and he will get the help he needs as my son in law will demand counseling. I also know that my Son in law corrects him and says nothing bad about his soon to be ex wife because he knows that is the right thing to do.

However, after all the hell she has put myself and my DH through in life, the little piece of devil in me is secretly smiling that she is getting a little dose of her own medicine! Paybacks are a bitch sometimes! }:)

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I do feel sorry for the poor child, but I have to admit that I laughed at the thought of his coming out of hiding and kicked the guy.

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I love it when you actually get to see Karma in action!! I feel so sorry for that little boy and the pain he's in, but sounds like she is getting exactly what she deserves!!