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My uncle and my sd (his wife) are having a baby in July....

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.... They now know the gender of this unbaby but they are trying to keep this information away from me. How can I find out the gender of this unborn baby? My first thought was to get him drunk during his birthday party in March and let him do all the talking.

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oh God, please try to ignore them. Act like you completely don't give a shit, and then don't!!

You will learn way too much about the baby when it comes - I am sure it will be all over the place then!

HUGS honey, this is really not worth the effort you put in dear

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So he married his great step neice? Thats weird lol sorry I haven't been following your threads :/ But good luck with that, your situation sounds....complicated

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I nearly had a nervous break down the day of her wedding. Her BM sent out the wedding invites and on the wedding invites; Mother and father of the bride are her bio-parents the groom's was his bio-parents (by the way they are still alive). I just got a plain old invitation to the wedding from my sd, not the BM. So if sd didn't send an invite and left it to her mom then I wouldn't have been invited to her wedding.

I couldn't sit with the family because I'm not biologically related and so I sat 3 rows down next to my uncles kids (my cousins). My husband sat right next to the mother of the bride. :sick:

There's one thing I'm never going to do again is go to one of my skids weddings again.

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Maybe your husband told his daughter that you have banned his future grandkids from entering the house. And that you do not want any of his older kids to have children. If she's aware of your true feelings, she may not want to share baby news with you.

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OK, you don't want to be a grandma/cousin/aunt/whatever. You don't want to associate yourself with them YET you feel this burning need to know the sex of their child? Are you for real?

It is Period. EOS. Got it?

If you think getting your uncle drunk and him blabbing the sex of the child makes you a terrific role model for your children, rock on. But honestly, their marriage is going to last a LOT longer than yours.

My neice is having her baby in March. I know she is having a boy but no idea what name they have chosen. And in time I will find out.

As for the wedding seating, why would you have someone who did not approve of your wedding sitting in the front and centre? Why allow someone who harbours such distast for your union to be a star witness? The way you go on I am surprised you got an invite at all.

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why do you care so much about the gender? you'll find out eventually. is this because of the plan of it being named after bm if baby is a girl? what if it is a girl? all you're going to do is allow yourself to be enraged over and over again by your own thoughts because the baby will be named after bm. what's the point of that? and if it's a boy, are you gonna do a happy dance because baby won't be named after bm? are you gonna rub it in that they can't name a boy after bm? i just don't understand you. for as much as you hate anything at all to do with your sd's life, you sure do expect to the first told about anything and everything and to have a say in it. :?

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Your hubby messed up on that one with the seating. The wife ALWAYS sits with the husband period. I would e walked out had my husband allowed that. That's insane! You really do need to let it go about the marriage and the baby. It is what it is. Ok so you find out the sex, what does it change??? Zilch, nada, nothing.....don't get into other folks' business any deeper than you'd want them to be in yours. Just my two cents.