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Med Insurance on Grown SKIDS

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Is it true that you can insure your under 26 year old SKID even after they are married? And what if the couple has a child? And what about the SKID's spouse? Where does the government draw the line? I realize we can insure SKIDS until 26 but I thought that "privilege" ended at marriage?

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A unforeseen effect of this feature is going to make children more and more likely to remain home. From their point of view even the government thinks (and who can argue with the government?) that parents should take care of every need until they're 26.

This is typical thinking of our government with the Republicans (I'm registered Independent by the way) sidelined dependency is the name of the game. "Look at what your kind and benevolent government made your parents do for you. Vote Democratic".

We really should have implemented a nationwide system of Medicare financed by a nationwide sales tax. But that would have ended insurance companies profitable business of medical care insurance so they paid millions to get this wreck of a national insurance plan.

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Thank you for the info, everyone. I have one that married military, went off of ours and onto his. He is also early 20's. They had a baby. He is out of military in 5 months and they will return to this state. This state is pretty but notorious for low paying jobs and higher unemployment so I am wondering how it will play out. Does military continue to insure families after they get out, or does it end? She has many health issues plus baby is 6 months.