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Lonely Father’s Day.

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So DH is already feeling bad about Father's Day. His children nowhere in sight. The daughter who lives a few hours away has not been here in over 2 years and I think their daily texts calls have lessened but who knows. He even asked his siblings over but they are celebrating with their kids and grandkids. My sons are coming over tonight and will bring him a gift but it's sad. And yes he allowed it to happen. When his kids pulled their noses up when he started dating he said nothing. My ex demanded respect and now he has a nice or reasonablely intact stepfamily where all the kids seem close. Anyway any plans for tomorrow? 

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DH has had most Father's Days without a card or text.  He is driving down to London tomorrow (an hour and a half) to see his two daughters, but I doubt they will buy him lunch.  

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My Mr is going to the baseball game like usual but I am sending his son to go with him. Kind of a Dad/son thing. His son and his fiance just bought their first house and it's about 5 minutes from us. We have been seeing them a lot. 

I'm not sure what my two and their wives are doing for their dads, they're adults and hopefully will do something. 

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My DH seems sad. None of his kids have contacted him and when he calls them, they are rude to him. His 18 y/o daughter said to him "Why do you care so much? Mom is the boss of me, not you! She doesn't care if I stay out late so stop bothering me!" (This was after he asked her to text him when she got home from a party, so he knows she got home ok to her moms.) 

Today the 20 y/o is supposed to call him to go with her to the cell phone store to get her own account. Last night she told him she might call if she feels like it, as she doesn't know how late she will sleep in. Oh my goodness! Its fathers day weekend and you can't get out of bed for your dad who IS HELPING YOU DO SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE DOING ON YOUR OWN?"  What a bitch. I am so tired of hearing them talk to him like this. He does verbally tell them not to be rude, but still. Ugh. They are such disappointments.

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I plan on baking a gluten free carrot cake for my husband (daughter has multiple food sensitivities).  My daughter is going to at least get him a card and try to find something he might like when she gets off work today.  He is hard to shop for.

  Fathers Day is hard for me.  These skids out there who are ignoring their dads will regret it one day.  My dad died 23 years ago and I still miss him.  We had a close relationship and I still feel as if I didn't show him enough that I loved him and thought he was the best dad.  I'm a daddy's girl.  Never was a mini wife, I knew my place, but am and always will be a daddy's girl.  Fathers Day, his birthday, and the day he died are the hardest. 

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SS might or might not call. SD might or might not send a one-line text. That will be it. I'm not going to mention anything, but he knows it's Father's Day. 

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YSD18 is here. She doesn't help with any fathers day activities at all. She'll give him a homemade card and some homemade or super cheap gift. Ill do all the cooking and cleaning. I'll be making ribs tomorrow with polenta. Realized I forgot his favorite ice cream so I'll have to go back for that.

Giving him lots of space with YSD, went to run errands, took a long walk, gardening. She's been here a day and I've seen her for maybe 5 minutes. She doesn't help with anything of course, so DH is cooking and doing all the clean up other than tomorrow. Not my issue.

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I took my parents, and husband and SD18 PPSDN to an expensive lunch. The service was slow, the steak was cold, and we lounged outside in a garden atmosphere. We get home, no thank yous from SD and plenty of thank yous from parents. Did I mention it was expensive?

Today Im at work and SD is out with her friends living her best life while looking a bit like a walrus.

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We had no plans. I called my dad, my kid called me, I wished my brother, my BILs, and my nieces DH HFD.  My Grandniece was born on June 2nd so this is the first FD for my nieces DH. We won the IL lottery with that man. He is truly a good one. But, he won the DW lottery with my niece.  She is a stunning beauty, incredibly intelligent, and accomplished.

Sunday (F-Day) DW took me out for breakfast. She is taking me out for a belated F-Day dinner tonight.

I hope everyone had a peaceful Father's Day.