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Is Karma going to strike SD and DH?

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SD is dating a man with a child. BF is divorcing his wife (not bc of SD) and he has a toddler. They knew each other years ago and the BM is not a nice person. Sd already knows the ex-wife doesn't like her from years ago and she has custody of the little girl so that puts mom in prime position to whisper evil things in that child's ear. 

So I get a call the other night from Sd who discusses the BF situation with me, not with  DH. She told me that she is finally starting to get how hard she and DH made things for me when she was growing up here bc now she is starting to see the adult dynamics of stepparenting. She realizes now that the main reason she and I had so many conflicts was bc of DH and BM. She is finally getting the picture as to why things are the way they are between us and I sincerely hope she walks into this relationship with her eyes open. 

Right now, she's a bit peeved at her dad bc he doesn't approve of her dating a still married man with a kid. Funny thing, he was still married when I started dating him.  Guess he can't see the similarities in the situation. 

So im sitting here wondering if Karma is going to bite Sd and DH in the ass with this new man and child in SD's life. It's going to get interesting, that's for sure. I wonder how much this new relationship is going to mirror our marriage. 

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It will be very interesting to be sure.  Especially since DH does'nt see similarities in both of the situations.  You have attained the ultimate revenge without even trying - just love it!  I'd make ppopcorn, watch the drama and try not to have the 'cat that caught the canary' smile on your face. 

It IS kind of refreshing to hear that this has opened SD's eyes to what she and DH put your through, and that it had nothing to do with you.  You are lucky - my SD would whine like hell, wallowing in victim mode, but would never admit to purposely causing me grief or being unreasonable.

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Oh trust me, he sees the similarities. I would bet that is why he doesn’t want it for his little girl. He should be well aware of the struggles you guys went through.

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I hope karma bites all the SD's and Dh's in the a**. You are getting sweet victory that many would love to taste. Keep posting on this, it makes  a great read!

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I wish that kids knew and realized earlier what they are putting us through at the time it was happening.  I do think that it's good that SD admitted that she put you through he** and what comes around goes around - justice!