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Ive come along way baby

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When I came into my marriage I have to admit I was a wimp. I cant say that anymore. But it took a few years to get to that point. Was it a good thing maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. As of right now being married and dealing with entitled adult kids has made me a stronger person. I never had a dad that ever made me feel like I was entitled to anything not even support. I worked hard for everything I had and owned. I can also say I did it on my own. My adult step kids are the way they are because they have a father that enables them and im sure it was going on long before I came into the picture. I didnt come into this marriage to be anyones parent a friend and a wife to my husband. All I got was alot of crap talk from his kids. I learned how to let go of it. Why.? because it was making me sick I have become a different person.
I feel numb and at times I feel lost and that maybe I dont have a heart anymore. This scares me, because what I have done was let these adults make me hard where I had to shut down my feelings and I wonder if I will ever be able to feel again.
You read all the storeys on here and for me I think is this how its really suppost to be, I mean look all of us have so much in common.
Now when my husband brings up his kids I dont say a word why because I dont care I tryed and tryed but I think im just tired. Thanks for letting me vent. Its nice to have this site to come to. Thank you.

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I think our DH's try to make us feel guilty for not loving their adult kids as a mother would; unconditionally.

Well, that just goes against nature. In nature, we're supposed to kill another's offspring. They need to leave well enough alone.

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When DH got off the phone with SD after she had a meltdown and told her she was not allowed in our home for a while, he looked at me with that "Oh, won't you feel bad" look on his face and blurted, "SD says she LIKES you." I immediately replied, "She doesn't like me and I don't like her." That put him on notice that I was no longer putting up with the hypocritical crap they had been forcing down my throat for so many years. He never tried it again.