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Is it just me or is this wierd

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Went to the MIL for her birthday.  Had a lovely day, love her a lot.  adult sd 28, has sent my Mil a birthday card with a  picture of her (SD) my MIL and the ex wife on it.  ( From a wedding ) 

She has nothing to do with the ex wife apart from said wedding. 

Is it just me or is that just wierd. I mean why though.

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This is one of the things I've always HATED about being a 2nd wife. There seems to be no end to the ex even if she's a heathen. I honestly don't now if it's the SK who tries to ensure the ex's relevancy or if the SK, adult or child, is being "trained" by the ex to pull shit like that. Of course the poor poopsie doodles is not doing anything wrong at all and God forbid the SM say anything at all without being told how she's the one who is insecure. 

I'm here to tell you that it's not you. It IS fucking annoying and when it continues almost 27 years later, it gets beyond frustrating. 

Sorry, I'm having a bad month and everything pisses me off. 

Anyway, all these "little things" add up, especially if they keep happening.

No, it's not you. It's ignorant AF!

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I thought so im 18 years in.

Hope your month gets better 

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If the only picture she has of her grandmother is one from a formal occasion that also includes her mom then it's pretty clear that she doesn't have a very close relationship with her.

I think your MIL would have probably preferred a solo pic of her granddaughter but instead she got one including BM.

I'm convinced that step kids lose the ability to put themselves into other people's shoes because they are always treated as a center of a family. If you always go to family events and are treated like an extra special guest and of course you think this way. You think you're the most important person, and of course your mother and her golden uterus are just as important. You don't stop to think that maybe your grandmother doesn't care to have a picture of her ex-daughter-in-law. All Grandma's ever care about are their grandchildren. That picture was just trying to make point. I swear these first failed families keep reminding everybody of themselves.



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I was at the event, it was totally editable to just the two of them. Just being a pain as usual. x 

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Entitled butt hurt SD's need to keep the battle axe BM relevant. Gotta sneak in the reminder who was first.

Sick games are played by sick people. Any chance they get, they use it. 

That is all.

Its not you who is "jealous" its SD.

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Not my SS but DBDB.  SS24 moved out this weekend.  When packing everything in his room, he came out with a box of stuff that DBDB had given him years ago that had photos of DH and her along with souevenirs from their honeymoon and wedding.  When DH saw it, he asked why he had this stuff.  He said that DBDB told him she didnt want it anymore and to give to DH.  DH said why the hell would I want it?  SS24 said exactly!  Thats why I just put in the back of my closet.  

They threw it away.  She is messy!

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I think ive said it on here before, last year the ex gave my dh a favour from their wedding that she had "found".

lol, he was like what the heck.  we have been divorced 16 years ! 

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Yeah, my DH and BM have been divorced for 30 years. I was not the other woman. I didn't even get together with DH until 27 years ago. Yet, I'm not allowed to forget that that cheating skank was first. 

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MIL is not the XW's mother and a reasonably intelligent kid should know better than to keep rubbing their GM's nose in the stench of that kids parents' failed relationship.

IMHO of course.


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My husband moved into the duplex that his ex moved out of so his kids could stay in the same school district. She moved across the country with her new man but left her red thong underwear on the shelf in the laundry room. Another oops is that when she finally decided to have the kids give him some of the family pictures, there were a few of her in a black dress where she thought she looked hot. They have now been divorced over 30 yrs and the SD is now 37. The ex took most of the good furniture clear across the country. One day while my DH was at work, his DD sent him a photo of their old family table and asked him if he recognized it. He said yes. She told him that her mom gave it to her and said my DH gave it to her as a “push present. “ he didn’t know what a push present was so he said well I’m glad she gave it to you. Lol   Later he showed me the text and I told him a push present is something you would give your wife for having the baby. We laughed for a bit bc wouldn’t you give flowers or diamonds or even chocolates. You wouldn’t give a kitchen table. Plus they didn’t give push presents way back then. Lol. So I think your SD is trying to keep her mom relevant or just to make you guys talk.