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I don't care!

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My husband told me last night that is son (26, living at home wtih g/f and baby) got me a really "great" gift for Christmas, something that he's sure I'd use but would never think to buy for myself :sick:


maybe instead of buying me something for Christmas, he should have put that money into a savings account to get the hell out of our house!

(This is Christmas #2 with the both of them under our roof, it's been just about a year since she moved in)

I used to really enjoy Christmas, now I go through the motions for the sake of my own child.

If it were not for my step-daughter coming to visit, I think I'd take my own kid and just go somewhere to be alone for the holiday

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It sounds like DH knows you do not like them being there - and this is a bribe. I assume they are living with you because they are having money issues. So where did SS get the money (and possibly the idea) for your gift?

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Step-son has never managed to launch off on his own
then he got the g/f pregnant and the mother moved in with a boyfriend conveniently around the time she was due to have the child, so she wound up on our doorstep, 7 months pregnant

" they were living with me, I'd give it back and tell them to save for their own place. They have no business spending money on what are probably ridiculous gifts when they have nowhere to live. I bet it's a freaking vacuum cleaner or something."

this is exactly how I feel goddammit

keep your freaking money and Get the HELL out of our house!

the MORON that he is he lef his bank statement on top of the trashcan in the powder room...

Okay, it's my second time looking at his open mail, this time it was not just sitting on the table, it was in the trash... totally sitting right there practically falling out of an empty little waste can in the bathroom

so I opened it and looked at it
he's spending $16-$20 three times a week at a bar
I don't have an extra $50 or so each week to just blow on myself at the bar, if they moved out I would, but then I wouldn't NEED to be at a bar three times a week, would I?

so at the end of his bank statement, his balance was less than $50

he's got NOTHING saved, and he hasn't paid us rent in FOREVER!

His father said that since the g/f decided to enroll in business school, that they could stay till she's done
eighteen f-ing months
but he's got NO MONEY SAVED
I guess he thinks he's got a reprieve for the next 18 months?

something's gotta give!

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First of all, cpreston, it's your house!!! My rule is that if you're living under my roof rent freee, you don't have ANY privacy. If mail comes to my house, I'll freaking open it!!!!

As to the moochers living there.... you've got to get your husband on the same page as you. His worthless offspring needs to start handing over his check to his dad if he can't save anything. THEY NEED TO BE PAYING RENT!!!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with this entitled generations?????

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WOW you’re really going to point a finger like that?

Maybe next time before you accuse someone of lack of parenting and having no morals, you should think that maybe, just maybe you don’t know the whole story
(oh, and you could use spell check too, it's "moral" not "morale"

My husband did the best he could raising his kids by himself… with a wife that became an alcoholic then drug user. He finally booted her to the curb when his kids came downstairs to go to school to find Mommy passed out with drug paraphernalia sitting in front of her on the dining room table.

They divorce and the mother screwed the kids up and my husband’s oldest son committed suicide.
This all happened by the time the one who is still living with us was 12 years old.

So… he treats this son of his with kid gloves. He always has. I have done my best to try to explain to him that he’s doing him more harm than good by enabling him as much as he has.

As for the “moral compass” we live our lives to set an example. My husband and I have been together for ten years. We did not cohabitate until we were married. There have always been rules in our house. Everyone else has managed to live by the rules.
We learned that the g/f was sneaking in and out of the house while we were asleep, during god only knows what hours of the night.

We forbade it, but it continued. Now there’s a baby. I feel that the first priority is the grandchild. It’s not his fault the manner in which he was brought into this world.

I just wish that the baby had parents who actually took responsibility of being PARENTS!

I was REALLY young when I got married and had my first child. We supported ourselves on my part time work and my husbands’ military salary which was paltry. I cooked, I cleaned, I took care of my child, I worked and I paid the bills.
We did without… plain and simple.

The concept of “doing without” is foreign to these two