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I’m leaving the board.

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For now.  Had my adult stepdaughters here for the weekend. I busted my butt. Cooking. Even flowers for their guests rooms. And it went wonderfully!  They turned out to be lovely. To me. To my parents.  They sent me thank you notes.  Much better to get along. So I am looking at them as friends.  And hope they are looking at me the same.  Listen, they were much more appreciative than my own kids!  I think so much was driven by their mother.  Thanks for all your help over the years!  Wish me luck. 

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What great news!

I wish you would stay and pop in every now and again to offer some sage advice and let us know how things are going. Best of luck to you!

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One incidence of appropriate and polite behavior does not a changed Skid make.  Be warry.  Trust but verify.  I would suggest a day by day approach with them rather than letting your guard down.

But... it is good to hear that they at least have one pleasant visit in them.  Hopefully it is the beginning of the rest of their lifetime of reasonable behavior.

But I would not hold my breath if I were you.

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I sincerely hope it works out for you.  It is much easier, in life, when all get along. 

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So refreshing to hear of a happy ending ! Glad you’re having a positive step mother experience and I hope you and the stepkids continue to nurture your relationship !!