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How to get husband set a firm date for his 33 year old daughter to move out.

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I talked to my husband regarding setting a firm date for his 33 year old daughter to move out of the house.  He first told me he’d like her to be out by the end of this year & then said he first wants to check with her to make sure she saved enough money before deciding on a date.  She’s never been out on her own & has had plenty of time to save since she only pays 150.00 a month.  She has worked full time for years. What would you say to him if you were me?  I want her to be out no later then the end of the year.  If it was up to me, she’d be gone tomorrow or by September at the latest.   If she hasn’t saved all this time, that’s not my faught. It’s time for her to be an adult & take responsibility!  I tried to insist on the end of the year at the latest, but he again said he wants to ask her about her finances first.  I feel he’s not going to make her move out by the end of the year & it will be more stalling at the end of the year. I told him I’m so tired of living with her the past 3 1/2 years & I need a firm end date.  She very moody, entitled & not nice to be around    & I want to be happy again & have privacy when I’m home. It’s very hard to have someone living with you that you can’t stand & who gets on your nerves every day. At her age, she should be on her own anyway & becoming an independent adult.  



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If you wait for him to set a date, it will NEVER happen.  Once these losers are in it will take an industrial size crane to pry their a$$e$ out.  You step up and set the date.

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I agree, but if course he wants to set the date, but also not having it binding just in case.  Why bother!  

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"DH, by X date, either SD moves out or both of you do. I will not continue in this marriage living with SD."

That's your only option unless you decide to move out.

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Thanks for your input.  

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with the above.

September gives the SD more than enough time to move out and to find a place. Play hard ball and stick to it.

 If your DH is not in agreement then you need to kick him out. This is no way to live. Your DH should be worried about keeping his wife happy NOT a moody B SD.

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I agree, but easier said than done. 

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It is easier said than done, I agree. But its way harder to live the life you are living. Heck I get not wanting to rock the boat. I did that for many years. By rocking the boat you are asserting your needs. To date your DH is not caring about your needs, its all about the princess who should have launched years ago.

You go girl you can do this




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Thanks for the support!  I appreciate it!  I spoke with my DH again & I told him we are setting her move out date & will NOT be changing it!  

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Honestly... 7 months isn't long enough to save up money for a deposit on an apartment.. when you basically pay little to no rent to speak of?

He needs to put her on notice now that the expectation is by the end of the year.  If he has the means and if it accomplishes your goal of getting her out of the house.. how would you feel about him helping her do that financially?

My parents did help me with a little bit of the downpmt for my first house.  It's not like that is completely unrealistic or "not done".  Sure.. early 30's you would think she had some money put away.. but he has allowed her to live with little financial responsibility.. she may have blown everything on starbucks and hair appointments..and clothes.  But.. 7 months is still time for her to make a plan and if he could help her.. it might soften the blow.. and encourage her to want more independence.

There are also ways to make people feel less welcome in your home.. early morning workouts at top volume near her room... wifi passwording your internet and cutting it off at certain hours... doing no catering to her grocery preferences...   

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Yes, he will be giving her the move out date & if he wants put out money to help her move out, that’s fine.  He will also put her rent up, so she can’t spend it, & he can give it back to her when she moves out.  

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OK, unfortunately, I deleted my old account so I can't tell you to check out my blogs to see what I did. I had adult babies living with us forever and a weak, enmeshed ball-less wonder who would not even put his babies on a launching plan.I'll have to lay it all out here. 

My DH was always obsessed with his kids. He coddled them and turned them into perpetual babies and they were never going to leave. Your DH is stringing you along. Mine did the same to me. He kept wanting the babies in their mid 20s to "launch naturally." Well that just wasn't happening. Our DD was 11 years younger than my SKs and was already way more independent and self-sufficient than the 25 year old babies. I knew I had to do something.

We always rented. When I met DH I told him that my goal was to own a home. Not owning is a deal-breaker and it will happen or I buy a place and leave. I will not spend my life renting. Well, 20 years later we were still renting. DH was digging in his heels claiming we couldn't afford it when we actually both make 6 figures a year and see 24 year olds buying homes so why the hell can't we? Our lease was coming up and I told DH that since SS was 23, perhaps we could put him on a lunching plan so that he won't have to move with us in nine months. Well, you would have thought I told DH to quickly run and lock the doors before SS gets home. He flipped. It was clear that he would live with his freaks forever if he could and I was done. I also didn't want that to be modeled for our DD who was probably around 14 at the time. 

I went on viewings and told DH that I'm buying a home on my own since he is so hell-bent on not owning and on living with his brats forever. I told DH that the house I'm looking at is two bedrooms: one for our DD and the other for either just me or for both DH and I depending on whether he chose to come. I told him there will be no room for the SKs and that I'm no longer willing to live with them. I told DH that if he really feels the need to live with his babies forever, I will have no choice but to move on. He can no longer live with both his wife and adult kids at the same time. I gave DH 48 hours to make an irreversible decision. I did that so that he couldn't string me along and flip flop. His decision will stand and I will take the action I need to take. 

It's been six years and DH and I have been living in our home and I have not had to live with my SKs. One time SD asked to move in with us and it was DH who flipped out and told her to go live with her mother if she wants to move back in with a parent. 

Here are the steps:

1) go tell your DH that on July 31 either your or your SD moves out. End of story. 

2) tell your DH has has 48 hours to make his decision and he cannot go back on it and flip flop. His decision is the one.

3) if he picks having you move out, tell him you are nobody's booty call and you will take that as the end of your marriage. Tell him to remember which one of you he's fucking and to choose wisely. Oh yes, I said that. I did it to prevent DH from coming up with the brilliant idea of having me move out while he stays with SD and then thinks he can come to my place for a booty call. Fuck that! 

4) If your DH picks having your SD move out, he has 48 hours to not only tell her and put it in writing to her, but he must do so in front of you and you have to at least see the written notice being handed to her. If you don't do this, your DH will claim he gave her notice and you'll see all kinds of excuses as it gets closer to July 31 about how she's not ready.

5) You have to fear living with your SD forever more than you fear losing your marriage. Stay strong. If you relent, then you're screwed and you have an adult woman as a third party to your marriage for the rest of your life or until you go so fucking mental that you end up leaving after several years of heart palpitations and migraines. 

6) Stand strong through the gaslighting and reactive episodes on both your DH's and SD's part. They are only doing it to "whip you back into shape." See it for what it is. Stay strong and keep reminding yourself that you are a woman and are not doing anything unreasonable. You will be told how unreasonable you are and how you're trying to ban SD from your DH's life. This will be the stage that you find out just how enmeshed your DH and SD really are and they won't like the change to their lifelong dysfunction.

7) Stay strong when your heart pounds out of your chest when you tell your DH. Yes, it won't be fun. It'll hurt. But then afterwards, no matter the results, lavish in the self empowerment and know that you are a badass and you took action.

Just last year, I got thanked on my birthday by both DH and SS for changing our family dynamics for the better. I wasn't expecting that. It was ugly at first, but then I ended up getting thanked five years later. My SS29 is doing really well and our relationship improved so much that I consider him my bio. He actually prefers me to BM. SD not so much, but she's just had a baby and I adore him. Both my SKs grew in many ways when they got the boot. Your SD deserves to find someone and start her own family and she won't be able to if she stays stuck in Daddddeeeeee's home. I think it's fucking ridiculous and pathetic that a 33 year old is still living with Daddddeeeee. 

Keep us updated and we'll keep supporting you. You can do it! 

Now go kick some ass!

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Thanks Evil4!

 You did it, great job!!!  Thanks for your support!!!  I appreciate it!!! I spoke with my DH last night & told him again all the BS & I’m not putting up with. We are setting a move out date for her & I told him it’s a firm date & no changing it for any reason.  

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OMG I would give her until June 15th. Not wait until september...

What is her job? Does she work at McDonalds or Wendys for 7bucks an hour?

Hell your husband can give her first and last months rent, or maybe they both need to look for a place with 2 bedrooms, 1 for her and 1 for him.

What are you scared of? 

**to answer your question, you tell him. She has until June 15-17th to have all her things gone.**

Thats it.




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I agree with you.  

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Out by the end of the year? Eff that. End of the summer is too long. But here's your scenario if this continues to drag out.

Out by Jan 1. Oh, SD can't be expected to pack and move during the HOLIDAYS.

Out by Feb. 1. It's the dead of winter! She can't move now!

Out by March 1. She's got a big work project coming up and needs to devote all her attention to that.

Out by April 1. It's her birthday/friend's birthday/personal crisis/something and just doesn't have the energy.

Out by May 1. There's a cute duplex but not available until August.

Out by June 1. She's taking a vacation but promises next month.

Out by July 1. It's the middle of summer! Nobody should move in this heat!

Out by Aug. 1. That cute little duplex is gone and she's heartbroken.

Out by Sept. 1. She really needs a new car.

Out by October 1. These fall allergies are just killer. She has to limit her time outside.

Out by November 1. You won't really make her move just prior to the holidays, would you?

Out by December 1. She'll find something in the new year, I promise.

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I commented above but will add that I used to work in LE. The way these DHs put a spin on things when it comes to keeping their baby daughters forever is like criminals. You have to think one step ahead of them. 

I suggested July 31, but that was generous. I would move it up. She has 30 days to be out. End.of.story.

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I thought september. Dang it now I retract that.

OP the jury is in. BEFORE summer. You deserve a nice summer with the grown ass princess gonzo, buh bye, adios.

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Yes, I agree, but my husband won’t agree to that.  

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Put the move out date on the calendar posted on the refrigerator.  If SD is not out, then have the locks re-keyed and put SD and her daddy out.  Or... you move out to an apartment and inform DH that you will have separate homes in your marriage until he grows some sack and puts his spawn out, or.... one or the other of you files for Divorce.

When it comes to an adult Skid being resident in your marital home, the person who says no trumps.  When it comes to marital expenditures, the person who says no trumps.

There are hills that are worth dying on in the blended family marriage world.  Getting your nearly middle aged SD out is one of them IMHO.


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It's not about having your DH agree. He's not ever going to agree. You tell him what's going to happen. Issue your requirement. 

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I agree...she needs a firm move out date, otherwise there will be a bunch of excuses.  That’s not happening & I told my husband last night. 

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MY SD30 just moved out May 1st. This was a do-or-die situation. Understand, everyone is different and our tolerances are different, so you'll need to feel your way through this, but basically I gave him an ultimatum - he can continue raising his adult children and we live apart or he can set a date for her to be out and stick to it! I was open to us staying together as a couple but not living together, although not married because I don't trust his kids and wouldn't want the financial tie, so that would mean divorce. He didn't really set a date with her, he let her set the date, which was fine, whatever, as long as it was before she had the baby.

I wanted her out sooner, so I suggested to DH that we could offer to pay 1st month's rent and security deposit to help them move in together quicker. She was moving in with her bf, neither were saving money and she stopped paying us rent after she found out she was pregnant, supposedly to save for an apartment, but we discovered she had no savings after almost a year in our house (she was supposed to move in with her sister months earlier, but her sister also became pregnant and moved in with their mom instead). He loved the idea of paying to get her out and so did she (although, neither really understood I was trying to get her out sooner lol). Here's where I screwed up - I didn't put a date on the offer. Major, major screw up! I should have said, "this offer is contingent on you finding a new place by x date" but I didn't and I really missed an opportunity. SD didn't bother to start looking until just weeks before she said she'd be out and DH wasn't ok with pulling the offer because we didn't state it was contingent on her being out before the date she'd told us. Her leaving by the date she set was so close that I was researching lawyers because I thought for sure she wasn't going to find a place, she would have the baby while she was still living with us, then DH would never make her leave because - grandkid (she did end up having the baby early, but fortunately had moved out 2 weeks before she delivered!).

Here's where we stand today:

  1. By mutual agreement, no one will be living with us long-term again. Our extra bedroom is a GUEST room, not for housing errant adult children. It took a while for him to get on board with this; I reminded him multiple times that one of his children has lived with us all but 1 of the years we've been together. We have discussed moving away from the city OR just buying a smaller house/condo, where there will be no room for roommates if saying no is too big an obstacle for him, but he ultimately decided that he loves our house and he doesn't want to move, so he'll man-up and tell them NO. Ironically, this was tested before OSD had even moved out. MSD was working him to move in with her baby before her sister left. He made me proud and told her no before she got too far in with the manipulating!
  2. If he caves to his kids and allows them to move in, I'm changing the locks. Immediately. That day. Home Depot is open until 10 pm. There will be no time to consider the matter, him violating my boundary in this way is an immediate move to separation and probably divorce.
  3. We need to right-size his adult children's place in our lives. We have 5 kids between us, his 3 take up most of our time, our energy, and our resources. His kids all have personality disorders. We start a class for families of people with BPD in a couple weeks to help us figure out how to coexist with them without letting them run over our lives.

My situation is a little easier than most, I am financially independent, so don't have to worry about how I'm going to make ends meet if we divorce. I can afford the house if I want to keep it. I have the resources to do what I need to do without a lot of worry. If anything, my DH is the one who would struggle, which is why I think he finally got on board. That and he knows his codependency is a problem and is willing to work on it. And the primary thing is that we both want the marriage to work! He is willing to work on his issues with his kids, he sometimes puts his head in the sand, but he eventually pulls it out and deals with the issues. And I try to be patient, to give him time to process and to not beat him over the head with the shit his kids do. It's a work in

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Congratulations on getting your SD out!!!  Great job!!!  Also great to know that no one will be moving back in either.  

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He never will.  SD will be crying and move the date back six months,   It's May almost June. By August first or you will be moving out or both of them will be moving out.  Your are the nice person. You will pay first month rent or buy some furniture to help. Or kitchen stuff cleaning stuff 

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Yes, I told my husband we are setting a date & sticking to it.  No moving the date back for any reason. 

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Great advice from everyone above.

I just wonder though how on board with this your H really is? It seems to me he is stalling and making excuses.

"Checking with her to see if she's saved enough" WTF? She has always lived at home and never paid much money at all! She should have plenty put aside, unless of course she's blown it on clothes, lunches, holidays, cars etc?

Tell me, does she have any friends or a social life? It's very strange that a 33 yo would want to live at home with daddy forever. And even weirder that he is ok with it, especially since remarrying you, and you coming to live there! 

My ex will end up like that. His daughter is coming up 24, and will never move out. She is very surly, NEVER puts her hand in her pocket to pay for a thing, and speaks to him horribly.

One time, I said to him, you really should ask her to pay for some bills, else how will she ever learn?

So a few days later they were at the supermarket, and she was putting all her luxury food items in the trolley as they wheeled it around. He said, "so I'm expected to pay for those things am I?" She snapped that she could put money in his account if he was going to be nasty like that (lol) He said, yes do, it's about $100 worth. She stormed off down another aisle, stood there, and transferred the $ using her banking app on her phone. 

Later that day I came over for dinner, and he told me about it. I said great, you've made a start. However, she was sending him all these furious texts (from upstairs) saying what an a-hole he was etc. I said, FFS, go and tell her she can find somewhere else to live! 

But of course, he didn't. She got drunk in her bedroom and stormed off down the road (on foot)...

There's more to the story but I won't bore you with the details. 

My point is I guess, that I hope your H won't be gutless like my ex, and will stick to his word about getting his daughter out of your home.

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She does have some friends.  They never come over, but she meets them out occasionally.  Not often enough. Lol

 He has just put up with her & thought she would leave on her own, but never has. Her only paying $150 rent a month didn’t help. He didn’t want to be the bad guy & upset her basically & that’s why so far he never told her she must move.  But now he will be giving her a firm move out day that can’t be changed. 

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I don't understand these parents. Why don't they want their adult kids to live independent lives? It must meet some need of theirs to be needed.

For god's sake, pay the deposit on the apartment for her, and out she goes. Why does he "need time to talk to her"?

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understand why they WANT their adult kids living with them. I love my own fully launched and successful adult kids dearly and would give them a place to stay for a short period of time if absolutely necessary but I sure as hell wouldn't enjoy it. I loved being a SAHM but even when they were in college I was glad to see them on breaks but also glad when they went back... 

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I don’t understand it either.  I told him to give her a check & send her on her way.  He still has to talk with her.  Ughhh!  

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I know right.  Lol.  I don’t get it either.  

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Your husband has it backwards, he should not check with her to make sure she will have saved enough money before giving her a date. He gives her a date, then she makes sure that she is financially able to move out by that time. After living there for more than 3 1/2 years and only paying 150.00 a month, there is absolutely no reason she should not be able to move out next month.

The real question is, why does your husband not want her to move out. Did you ever ask him?

It sounds like you are going to have to take this into your own hands, one way or another.

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Yes, he just wants to help her out.  What he’s doing is making her stay a child & not push her to become independent. At 33, she is way overdue.  She acts very immature too.  

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No, there is some reason he doesn't want her to move out and it has nothing to do with wanting to help her. He can use that as an excuse but it's not the real answer.

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Not that I know of.  He said he thinks she scared to move out.  He didn’t say why.  I guess since she can’t spend all her money that she makes anymore & will have to start being a responsible adult in the REAL world.  

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 He said he thinks she scared to move out.

Well, that is partly his fault, he has let this go on way too long. It's like learning how to drive, the longer you wait and the older you get, the more scared you are to do it.

Still very odd that she has never wanted to move out and get her own place. Has she ever had a boyfriend?

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will keep moving the goal posts on her EDD (expected departure date). 

It sounds like he's got his nose so far up her ass it's likely how she lost her virginity.

I hurt for you.

You're right, again; it's not your fault if she hasn't saved money, but more than likely daddeee has coddled her and made it clear she need not do that, because daddeee will take care of everything.

He seems completely comfortable with his "3's Company" living situation, and it seems you are the only one who is suffering,and your discontentment should matter.

There's no easy way to bring this conversation to fruition, as you will be deemed "the problem."  Trying to talk to these men about their "princess' in an effort to evoke change is about as fun as baptizing a cat. IF he is willing to listen to you, it will appear you have made progress, but I must caution you to beware, because many of these daddees just give their wives lip service to shut them up to placate the princess. The best you can probably hope for is to come to an agreement on a "flexible/ballpark date" and see what happens as that date draws near.

It may be time to play your ultimatum card, and his reaction to that will tell you everything you need to know.

These daddees have a hard time giving up "the first puss" for the wife puss. It's the craziest thing ever.

Best of luck!

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I spoke with my husband again yesterday & we will be setting a firm move out date for her.  Thanks for your support!!! 

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Build the burning platform, light it up, and put a date on the calendar.  In my mind, 90 days and done is reasonable.  Any bull shit and the date shifts forward to tomorrow.

Sit them both down and give them the 90 day horizon with clarity that any manipulation, whining, etc... makes the date the very next day from the perpetration of any bullshit.

Then..... act.  Call the locksmith and schedule for the locks to be re-keyed, update your security system to purge any codes that SD knows, put in new cameras, a Chime doorbell,  etc... and if SD breeches your home... let her deal with the police when the security company calls to report unauthorized presence on the property.  

The burning platform is designed to remove any semblance of pleasant existance for an adult child who will not catch a clue and GTF out.  We had to use this with my SS.  He has absolutely thrived since we lit the platform on fire.  

Find what misery inducing change will motivate launch, implement it, and keep the heat turned up in order for them to avoid singed toes by leaping off of the platform.

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I talked to my husband regarding setting a firm date for his 33 year old daughter to move out of the house.  He first told me he’d like her to be out by the end of this year & then said he first wants to check with her to make sure she saved enough money before deciding on a date.  She’s never been out on her own & has had plenty of time to save since she only pays 150.00 a month.  She has worked full time for years. What would you say to him if you were me?

I would say something like this "DH your DD is 33 years old which is way beyond being an adult. I have been patiently waiting for her to move out and live independently like other adults her age. I no longer have the patience to deal with this intolerable situation. The time has truly come for you to put her ass out in the water and make her swim. In other words put her out in the world and let her figure it out. You have 90 days to do this or I will be leaving because I refuse to coddle a grown ass woman." 

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I agree!  It sounds good to me.  

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SD has 30 days to move out, end of story.  She is 33!!  

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Your DH doesn't want to have her move out, he's made this very clear through all of your posts.  The best thing for him to do at this point would be to sell the home which would force her to move out and the two of you could have a fresh start in your own very small place (no guest room!).  No matter what happens it's going to be a fight either between you and DH, DH and his daughter, or all three of you.  

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When you first started posting at the beginning of this year, SD was 31, then 32, and now she's 33.
Methinks something is afoul here.....

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No, I had mentioned in a prior post that she was then 32 & that I wrote 31, in error.  She is now 33.  

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So its splitting hairs a bit.  I don't always remember SO's kids ages either so its easy to slip up.

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Thank you!  It is splitting hairs.  

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Hadenough, I'm sensing you're uncomfortable with confronting your DH about this. You tell him what you think, what you want, and then you say, basically "he won't do that" as if he has the final word. Does he??? Based on your posts, it does seem like your DH doesn't want his DD to move out. Have you asked him point blank what he wants??

You've gotten lots of good advice here, and I'm confused why it doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere. I think it's very fair to tell your DH that either SD is out by September 1st, or you are. Kiss him on the cheek and wish him luck with his decision. But I'm guessing you would never do that. It maybe feels too harsh? Maybe you could never actually leave, even if she stays forever?? You have to be willing to back yourself up on this stuff, otherwise you continue to be a doormat on this issue.



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Stop worrying about what your husband thinks, it's time to think of YOU. Put your bitch boots on and TELL him that you have had enough of being last on the list and that if he wants to stay  married, his daughter will be gone by 31st June or does he want to grow old a sad and lonely old man? Because that is where he is headed and you have HAD ENOUGH. 

Dammit woman, get MAD. 

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I have gotten much angrier about it all & told him last night for over an hour & that we need a firm move out date for her. 

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I'm sure it seems like we are giving you almost flippant answers. But we've seen this or similar so many times:

Step kid does or doesn't do something, bioparent doesn't do anything about it or maybe "talks" to the kid, and stepparent wants to know how to fix it.

You can't fix it. This dysfunctional dance has gone on for far too long, and only you are uncomfortable with it. That's why so many of these answers might seem bold or confrontational or come off as an ultimatum. Take the advice of this experienced community and DO something. You've been posting this same complaint for five months and your DH is at the point of "checking with his daughter." That's not progress. He hasn't heard you. He's still more concerned about his daughter's happiness that his wife's.

There IS no magic way to get your DH to set a firm date for her to move out. The only thing in your power is what YOU are willing to do. And if you're not willing to confront him or set your own boundaries around who you will and won't live with, then your only other option is to learn how to accept your circumstances. That's it.

So, what steps are you willing to take? So far we know that you're not willing to move out and you're not willing to set a deadline yourself.  What ARE you willing to do?

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Here's how it looks:


1. The SD has no intention of ever moving it - she's very comfortable and is on a good wicket. She has no incentive to move. 

2. Daddy has zero intention of ever asking her to move out. He is weak and non confrontational - he is more scared of incurring baby girl's wrath than losing his wife.

3. The OP has already stated she's non confrontational also. She is afraid to lay down the law to her H. I don't think she even wants to do that.


It sounds harsh OP, and I'm not getting at you, but those are the facts. I think, even though you say you don't want to divorce, you only have two options - either move out and divorce him, or stay and just put up with the situation.

I know what I'd do. 

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Thanks.  I get what you are saying.  We are setting a firm date for her to move out. 

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The longer you give before the move out date, the more wiggle room you give both your H and SD to find reasons why she can't. This is why I disagree with giving ninety days, or until the end of the year, etc.

Give thirty days. As a carrot, perhaps your H could pay the first month and security deposit, but it's key to keep the timeline short.

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I agree. Longer than 30days and there will always be an excuse, need more time, not ready yet, can't find a place she likes, etc. There has to be urgency to get her out of your home. 

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Yes, I agree.  

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Why is he giving her such a long time frame to be out? I think it is unreasonable given she has been there your entire marriage. Has he even talked to her about it? She needs to start looking for a place asap. I would check the Eviction laws in your state and give her 30-60 days. It sounds like your DH is just stringing you along.

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OP, call your attorney, have them generate an eviction letter and send it to SD via a process server.  Have the letter comply with eviction statutes in your State.  Start building the burning platform and making it very small so that your DH cannot manipulate.

Taking legal action minimizes your DH's ability to manipulate. Then it becomes a matter between you, SD, your attorney, and potentially the courts.  My guess is, it will not go that far.

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My understanding is that OP moved into DH's house. I don't believe OP can evict someone from a home she doesn't own.  OP can stamp her feet all she wants but DH has to be on board and be the one to take any legal action. From the backstory, I doubt DH will legally evict his daughter.  

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Okay, no legitimate legal action if it is DH's home and even if they purchased it jointly.  Apparently eviction of an adult child takes agreement between the couple.

That notably increases the risk to the couple relationship IMHO.  This is most definately a hill to die on and needs for the OP to put her foot down with her DH and get the SD-33 out of the marrital home.  Regardless of who owns the property.

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I am in a similar situation if it was me i,d set the date and add if she is,nt out by the date then you will be leaving.