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Getting fearful

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The longer my relationship continues the more I see of dh that frightens me. I clearly believe he is an obsessive compulsive personality--rigid and frugal to the extreme. Our marriage continue to be on the rocks so to speak because he says that I am not a yes person. He expects me to just sit back and agree to everything done his way. So I foolishly agree wholly to accompany him on a business trip. I say to myself do not inquire about the details such as the flight, even though I know it is problematic for me which is why I have NOT accompanied him on this particular trip over the years!
So listen, we must leave from an airport over 3 hours away and arrive at a city 2 hours from our destination so he can visit with a sister for dinner one night. This literally means leaving our home at 2 am to drive in the middle of the night to get to the distant airport. Then upon arrival, we drive another 2 hours. And yes I checked.....there are nonstop flights from an airport 20 minutes from my house. He insisted on this because it is a hundred bucks cheaper and he must have dinner with his sister. Then get home the next day and drive until 3 am from the airport. We both work full time, so this will be exhausting to say the least. I had been thinking this will work....he will do all the driving and I can sleep....but car accidents happen all the time. People do fall asleep at the wheel. Just venting......big sigh.
On a bright spot...I booked the hotel....five star....with a while he works I will play!!!
And no, he did not get a call on father day from his daughter. Predictable.

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Just how much money will be/was spent on gas driving 6 hrs to/from the further airport for this spaghetti-diagram trip?

People forget to factor that in... if I can fly out of my city's airport and the ticket is within $100 of the ticket at the larger airports (2-3 hours away), I do it. We are 15 min away from our airport, so no time spent on the road, and often our neighbor offers to take us so we don't have to pay parking for a week.

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You are with a control freak...if you fear this man, you are being abused, pure and simple.

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Ha. Make the better flight for yourself and join him there! That would have been funny!

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In your original post you mentioned that your marriage is on the rocks.... Bring it forward by saying NO.... Go on your own.

It's over anyway isn't it?