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Getting even…

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I’ve mentioned before the food wars I’ve been having with my SS26 and his G/F… well, they’re escalating and I’ve decided to take the “eye for an eye” approach. It’s quite cathartic

We had leftovers from Christmas eve… I made crab cakes we had quite a few left over. I sent my step-daughter and her fiance’ home with four of them. There were 6 left as of Monday when I went to bed.

I figured we’d have them and a nice veggie for dinner last night. When DH called me yesterday at work, we talked about dinner, I mentioned the crab cakes, he said there weren’t any left. The PIGS ate 6 crab cakes after I went to bed on Monday

So… we got hoagies for dinner last night… which I wound up paying for. Got three…they were big. DH, me and my biokid wound up sharing two hoagies with a piece leftover.

DH offered them to SS and his g/f.. they said “no thanks, we have leftovers from dinner with MOM” (all of a sudden he’s all about his Mother again)

I wrapped them and put “Lunch” on the outside of the paper, and hid them in the lunchmeat drawer.

This morning, one whole entire hoagie and another 1/3 of one are GONE!

Soo… I took the leftovers from “dinner with MOM” and threw them down the garbage disposal. I went thru the stacks of yogurts he had in the fridge and anything that was even NEARLY out of date, I trashed… I emptied the veggie drawer of the grapes (which were nearly bad anyway) the carrots and the celery sticks he had in there and I tossed them too. I found the rest of the expensive bottle of fancy spiced rum he bought for himself… (there was about 1” left at the bottom) and I threw it down the drain.

I took the trash out and put a new liner in the can. I DARE him to ask me where his food is.

I figure that would be about even to the $$ spent on crab cakes and hoagies….
“since ur both home and not working today, the stairs need to be vacuumed and the kitchen needs to be swept. TODAY please.”

Let him tell his father that I am daring to ask them to do CHORES!

Let the games begin!

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no we both went to bed at the same time... I'm quite sure that he didn't eat a whole hoagie and then another 1/3 of one

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Massive fist pump alert!!

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I have an "at work kid" (he's the same age as my SS, I'd replace this kid with SS in a heart beat)
I told him what happened and what I did... I was looking for perspective from someone their age. He said I was "just" in my actions. I feel validated and totally not psycho.
He suggested I do this on a regular basis. Every time he consumes something that I bought/made whatever, I should go into their food "stash" and either toss or donate something of equal monetary value. (I want to adopt this kid!)

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This is an excellent suggestion - and since they didn't bother to tell you they had eaten your left-overs, I would say you don't know what happened to their stash.

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I get what you are saying and I am a frugal person when it comes to food. If I lived or worked in the city, I probably would wrap it up and give it to homeless. (when I was taking a course in the reserves, they gave us boxed lunches, which nobody ate. Another soldier and I gathered them up and took them down to Suburban Station every day, throughout the course)

But, I live in the suburbs. We have a food bank in town, which I donate my free or nearly free super market turkey/ham/whatever every year, and I coupon so that I can buy extra pantry items to bring to the food bank about once a month. One of my closest friends works for Meals on Wheels, she has been an inspiration to me to learn that helping other people means more than making an online donation to the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity once a year.

I didn’t mean to ramble and imply that I’m holier than thou…maybe being called out for tossing food, bad or otherwise, which was bought by my SS, who made clear that these items were HIS and not to be shared… hit a nerve because I do try as best as I can to not be wasteful. I do what I can to help.