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DH Never Called About the Twit Situation but she called us

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She never brought it up at all, so you know she is peeved.

She was just going on and on about how her one son is now engaged and she has just so much to do. Did we get the catalog for the pots and pans and what can she put us down for?

(FWIW, DH had the speaker phone one so I could hear).

Now here is what is really interesting. Seems she now wants to throw Drunkie out of the house. He hasn't improved, evidently and now she wants him OUT. She doesn't want to deal with him any more!

That was the extent of it. DH didn't say much because Twit was doing all the talking. It was like nothing ever happened when she called a couple of weeks back making her threat. Strange.

Anyway, once off the phone DH and I looked at each other and HE said...."she is throwing Drunkie out because she has another interest that she can brag about and get attention over; her son is engaged and SHE is oh so busy etc. getting ready to throw the wedding or whatever she is doing." He also said he wasn't gong to buy the BTB anything from Twit's pot and pan business. I told him we should beat her at her own game and send the B-T-B a set of Al-Clad from Williams Sonoma. {That would definitely put a bee in Twit's bonnet}. Seeing as they aren't getting married until 2018 I am wondering why the Twit is pushing for the Pot and Pan Co. shower right now, even though there is no date for that either, but I am not going to spend any time wondering or pondering why 'cause I don't care.

He feels that Drunkie needs to hit bottom, but Mamma Twit has been enabling him for so long; now she has something else that she can talk about being burden busy etc. about the wedding, etc. Oh there is so much to be done, the bride is from Germany and doesn't know our customs. [That was also part of what she spewed to us].

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Friends, life is so peaceful out here. I don't have to worry about seeing that cretin and we are doing good, not excellent, but good ('cause we are human) about dealing with her calls. You can bet she wasn't going to go off the handle and bawl etc. after what happened last time she called. Right now, regardless of what happened at her end that day, she has a healthy respect for DH, but that won't last long.

Oh, she is so predictable once you know what she is.

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I enjoy hearing how you and DH are connecting more closely with each other and enjoying your new peaceful life far from Twits drama and NPD crap.

I like the AllClad idea. That would be a great gift and would make a point with Twit. Go with the theme but don't engage in Twit's business.

Pop a nice bottle of wine and toast your relaxing new life together.


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Thanks so much Rags. I was pondering just sending the Al-Clad now regardless of when Twit is planning a Pot and Pan shower, and really putting that spoke in the wheel. I mean, if the B-T-B gets a full set of good stuff, I don't believe she will be returning it whatever the Twit says or wants. And the pot and pans are where Twit makes her $$. Do you know she receives as much as 30-40% on whatever she sells?

My other thought is a nice set of Wustoff (sp?) knives. Those are from Germany so the B-T-B would know the quality. The pot and pan co. makes knives as well....they claim they are of German steel BUT made in China. Sell for about the same. That would also bite Twit in the butt (oh what a terrible thing to even think about Smile ) Twit would be having a fit because she isn't making the big mark-up off these items.

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We have been hit up a few times by family members who are doing one of the multi-level marketing businesses. No more. We have found without exception that the quality of product is far from what is available from brand name quality producers unless the cost is exorbitant. Instead we spend our money on what we want as far a brand is concerned.

I think either the AllClad or Wuhstof ideas are good ones.

That Twit is attempting to profit off of her son's wedding is nauseating. :sick:

If this starts now it will likely continue for a very long time. You and DH may as well do what you can to minimize the level of profiting his mother will attempt at this young man's expense.

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Once again I agree with you Rags. Those multi-level marketing businesses have hit me the same way.

I don't have anything to do with those "parties". When we first moved by her 6 years ago she was always hitting on me to have a party, invite my new neighbors, wouldn't it be fun, etc. I told her flat out NO, that I had no interest in having a "party" and I had more than enough pots and pans.

Remember when I told you folk about us getting the well used greasy grill tools from her for Christmas? She told DH that after he learned to use them she would get him (this means she sells it to us) a $120.00 grill set from her pot and pan co.! DH thought that she was offering to give him a set, but I clarified it with her ('cause I know how she talks etc.) and he was stunned when she said she would SELL us a set! IMHO, she was being sneaky about it. That's the Twit, always looking to make a buck off family.

Always figured that if I had gotten on the pot and pan train and bought a lot of stuff from her she would have been nice....for awhile. A phony nice while she uses one.

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"If you send the BTB a new set of pots and pans that isn't something from Twit's company, will Twit perceive that as a sharp stick in the eye?"

You bet she will but who cares. It is all about quality. And I don't want her making any money off of me.

A good set of pots and pans lasts a life time. WAY back when I married the first time I registered for Revere Ware. My Mom and Grandma got me the whole set and they lasted years and years. My friends registered for that then new non-stick finish stuff. They went through numerous pots and pans until getting smart and getting a good set.

I gave my original set to my daughter back in 1990 and got a new set because I remodeled my kitchen and had one of those pot racks and wanted new pans for it. DD still has and uses those Revere Ware pans.

Those pot and pan co. stuff is, IMHO, just not up to the real good stuff although almost the same price.

It is like my G'ma use to say: "Always buy a chicken with meat on don't want to pay for the bones twice." It was her way of saying buy quality because you will save in the long run. And, yes, I never knew why she used chickens in her example Smile

Forgive me, talking there just made me think of my Mom. She use to always cut the ends off a beef roast when she made them. Thus, I did the same, until one day she was over and asked me why I was doing that. I responded that was the way she always did it. She laughed and then told me the "truth" that she only did that because the roast wouldn't quite fit in her pan. I am sure we all have stories about things like that, great old memories.

Yes, it is early on. Do note that Twit is already thinking and planning how she can makde a buck off the event. A year IS a long time. They have been living together for awhile so I wonder why the long wait, but not my business.

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"--- they aren't getting married until 2018." What?!!! There's a whole year or more to see what happens. Twit is pushing for the early pot and pan sale to make money. Period. She probably realized her ranting was not going to get you any closer to purchasing the pots and pans.

She's also casting Drunkie out because it appears the story is getting stale so the pity party for her has ended. She's not getting any attention of that anymore. Makes sense (sort of) that she would be looking for something else that would give her the attention she craves.

So glad you are at a distance now.

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Hi Sandye - Exactly. Twit craves attention. Drunkie is now old news and those people she cries to are getting bored that Twit is always wringing her hands in dispare about what she goes through. I'm certain those she cries to can see that she is enabling him as well.

Now she has a new line of attention, her son is getting married. Let me tell you, the B-T-B is very strong minded, thank goodness. I remember the time she invited us to their apartment for diner. Twit's idea of eating is to get the food and sit down on the couch and eat. This young lady has none of sit at table when you eat at her place. Twit gripped about this for months, how DARE she. Last I saw the B-T-B was respectful to Twit, but not overly friendly. She knows. She has also done the job of weaning her fiancé away from Twit, which Twit doesn't like either. Remember....wife or not....Twit will always consider him HERS, a possession not a person.

I know they have plans on moving from the Twit area, even though they are a good 50 miles away. IMHO, the sooner the better.

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You are right. Twit wants to run things, even the wedding. Can you believe she expects the B-T-B's family to come over here for a wedding! Yep, that is what she told DH. Can't wait until her family sets Twit straight on where the wedding is going to be...Germany.

As for the pot and pan shower...there is no doubt it is nothing more than a money making thing for Twit. If Twit was decent she would just buy the pots and pans, etc. since she gets such a big discount and given them to the bride.

She does such inappropriate things. Her hubby's family, when his parents were alive, use to have a family "reunion" every 4 years. Here is Twit, the idiot, passing out info on the NEXT family reunion...wait for the father's funeral! Unbelievable! She saw nothing wrong with it as everyone was there and she could save on postage!! We were not invited because we are not members of her husband's family which was just fine with me.

But note the Twit is all about her even at her Father-in-Laws funeral she has to be the center of attention by setting up the next family get together. Just plain sick.

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nobodysbabynow - I figure if I get the Al-Clad set sent to her, oh, in February, while Twit is still hitting people up I will have bust her bubble about having her pot and pan bridal shower. DH and I are talking about a 7 or 10 piece set of the stainless, which pretty much covers everything the BTB would need.

DH and I are thinking about sending it off not as a shower present, but as an engagement present to the couple. Of course DH doesn't know why I am doing it and he doesn't have to know }:)

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you are giving me hope!!!

I'm planing on moving across the world if it means I can be rid of step hell }:)

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Yes, it is great. From a distance once can see just how nutz and self-centered she is. Also, since we are not close DH has done a good job at letting Twit be Twit and not backing her up or rushing to save her.

Funny, didn't bother me hearing her yesterday because it just reminds me how smart we were to remove ourselves from her grip. Made me happy to realize that there was no way she could get at us physically.

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We have moved 4 hours away from SD56 and it is wonderful! We lived one block from SD for 14 years and she was close to going to jail, where I was concerned; I even informed her so.

It is so peaceful and my life is relaxing and I'm enjoying it more every day. Yes, SD and SGD (mother/daughter) have stopped in to visit DH (just to snoop at our new home). They didn't even stay an hour.

I fully understand your freedom SDM....Good luck and I wouldn't buy anything yet, plans may change. Then you would have to return the gift, plus your choice may change.

Have fun!

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Hi Sammygirl - Yep, in the case of Twit, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. It makes the heart scream YEAH, Twit is no where around!!

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Although getting the quality kitchenware is a great plan to annoy twit, I don't think that the bride and groom will appreciate it, particularly as you said they are planning on living in Germany. Shipping costs will cost them a fortune. Best to ignore twit and wait until there are wedding invites before asking them directly what they want.

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Newbie here, I have been following your story for a long time. Congrats on moving and getting away from crazy. As to wedding gifts, just buy whatever you want to buy. Bigger worry...don't let her try and dump drunkie on you. Be careful, she knows you care about drunkie and it is not beneath her to use him to get back into your lives.

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Hi lala-land - This is a great site to vent and to get inspiration on how to handle things. It is great to know one is not alone. WELCOME!

No, Twit isn't going to dump Drunkie on us. DH is very adamant on that. He has no use for drunks or druggies and doesn't trust them at all. But he is concerned in his own way. Me? I'm the bleeding heart, but I too know that it would not be good for us to take Drunkie in.

The last we heard, from that call, about Drunkie was that Twit wanted him out, but her hubby said no. Guess the young man still is not working and still drinking. Twit said that her hubby gives the kid money for his cigarettes. But NOT OUR PROBLEM and we intend to keep it that way. There is a lot to be said about being miles, miles and miles away.