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Coming soon: The world's most well-known "step" grandmother!"

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I know we will never REALLY know what goes on because the British royal family's public face is always perfect, but it would be interesting to see how the world's most well-known "other woman", Camilla, will be incorporated into the upcoming royal baby's life - particularly since the child will one day wear the crown.

I wonder if she will be called "grandmum" or get any other similar title. Unlike may of the unfortunate stepgrandmother's on this forum, I am doubtful she will be called Camilla or Mrs. Windsor!

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It seems like William and Harry are nice, polite guys who show civility and grace to Camilla. I think everything will work out fine.

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I agree with Felicity0224. She'll probably be incorporated into the baby's life to the same extent Charles is. I'm also wondering if Charles is involved with Camilla's grandchildren. I believe she has 3 or 4.