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The Brownie Box and Other Antics

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Well we saw YSD and her family the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She was to bring brownies, corn and rolls. She didn't remember the corn and instead of making the brownies, she brought them to me with her dad's name and my name written on the Betty Crocker box! Now I had several casseroles, a pork roast and a ham in the over cooking when she arrived. Makes me really wonder what her mother taught her growing up when they traveled to see relatives. The dishes don't magically make themselves. I did tell her it was a good thing I had the eggs and vegetable oil on hand or she'd have to have someone take her to the store to get them.

Her dumb DH made a comment he is asking his mother for a laptop for Christmas. Here is a family that is on Food Stamps and WIC who begs off all of us (lots of divorced parents) all year long for financial help and then he thinks he's gonna get a big ticket item like that at Christmas when he has 3 sisters and his mother has 7 grandchildren to buy for? Don't think so! But gets better.

Step-grandson got dirty hands from playing with food and YSD used 2 diaper wipes to clean off his hands. Her husband threw a fit and screeched at her while my DH was outside that she should've taken this almost 1.5 year old baby to the sink to clean him up instead of using wipes. YSD mouthed back that it was easier to use the wipes instead of everyone getting dirty and then her smug husband said "Well, if you were the one WORKING to pay for the diaper wipes, you'd think different about wasting them." Oh that got my goat! I wanted to _itch slap him so bad! I wanted to go for his throat and tell him over the last 2.5 years how much we'd done in buying them diapers, wipes, clothes for the baby, remembering birthdays, etc. and how dare they fight it out at my house on what is supposed to be a peaceful weekend for DH and I. DH and I talked later. He said if his son-in-law pulls a stunt like that again he will hear it and be reminded this marriage doesn't have to be permanent and that HIS daughter has options if he continues to verbally abuse her whether it's at their home or ours. Go my DH! Yeah!

I let them know I'm only cooking the one meal on Friday, Christmas Day so they needed to let me know if they'd eat with other family for lunch, dinner or both. All I have to offer on Saturday and Sunday is leftovers and maybe some slice and bake cookies. We do not have the money to keep providing everyone else a meal and I reminded them when they go to eat for holidays it's potluck where at our house it all comes from our pocket unless they bring a dish. When you have 20+ people gathered all bringing things they made at home it's easier than one stove cooking it all if you get my drift.

We still don't know why YSS is avoiding his dad. We have his birthday gift here and will be getting his Christmas gift card over the weekend. Honestly my thoughts are if they can't come to our home or make arrangements to have us visit to deliver the gift cards, they shouldn't get them. That's $300 I could put on more important stuff like better storm windows as the house is very cold and drafty. My husband has hinted we really need a space heater for our back bedroom!

I realize the more I'm in therapy I can't please everyone and I'm tired of trying. If we always come in last on holidays, I don't have to celebrate them with the stepchildren. DH can go visit them and I can have a hot toddy and watch my fave Christmas movies with my son. We watched Home Alone together Thursday night. My son had never seen it and his boisterous laughter was worth it!

Thank God for therapy. My therapist is not going to also believe it that I confronted YSD on why she can't walk across the street to go take her son to the pediatrician. She says traffic is too dangerous. There are crosswalks everywhere. Is she really that dumb she can't notice the walk sign and watch when the lights are red to know when to cross? I mean really! I was taught all that at a very young age and I'm sure my 9 year old would know how without prompting to push the button and wait. Sigh.

Youngest stepdaughter and I were to go to a craft fair this weekend then the troll comes out. Now her bio mother may come to visit her from 45 minutes across town so I'm waiting to hear back on that plan. My stepdaughter knows the time I'm going and that I won't take the step-grandson with me. I had toe surgery on Monday and that's bad enough but I don't want to walk around a crowded holiday fair hearing a one year scream he wants out of the stroller. My DH offered to babysit and now we have to deal with troll mother. Everything changes when the trolls come out. I did ask YSD to find out from her bio mom what's going on with her brother and why he is blowing off his Dad. Maybe I'll get lucky on that and find out why as obviously stepson seems to only call if it concerns favors or money.

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I know... Isn't that funny? It's like.. what?? Are the brownies supposed to make themselves??? are there brownie elves coming to make them? I'd put the box on the table and say "Hey Everyone!!! SD was nice enough to bring us desert!!" Let's open the box and have some! Smile

Wow... I really need to drink tonight

*** A rainbow just threw up on me... and now I'm sh*tting glitter! ***