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to add to the drama

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Very mouthy, arrogent 19 year old stepdaughter.... looked online
for police info. Found out I can get copies of police reports from the police station ( later I found out I can alos get the info online) so, I went to get the copies.
She is a victim ( lol) of people throwing bricks threw windows and phone harrassment. She is only 19, the drama has yet to unfold but I wanted to know what problems she is having with others.
Apparently, its not just me who doesn't like her.

She acts like a 40 year old drunken prostitute and swears like a sailor, very rude, arrogent and loud. Very nasty young woman. She sleeps all day and waits tables at night, bf lives with her in her mothers house ( boys been living there since she was 16, there have been many boys)She stays up all night partying, there will be many more problems as her lifestyle is that of a young prositiute, which maybe why she acts like one.
I feel good knowing its not just me who doesn't like her, the reports prove, she starts crap with others too.

I suggest for those who can to get police reports from your local police station on them, 10 cents a copy page. At least you will know if they are acting badly with others.