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Can we make a list of all the different abbreviations?? I am getting so confused LOL Does not help I am blonde LOL I know some of them but some are a mystery to me ...

SS ~stepson
SD ~stepdaughter
DH ~Divorced husband??
SM ~stepmom
BIO ~ Evil Birth mom (lol) no disrespect to the Bio and step

Add more....and go..

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A nickname that one of the posters uses for one of her stepkids. Can't remember her name.

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I went from not knowing what any of these meant, to using them so often they've become a second language and have accidentally texted or talked to someone using the abbreviations and they look at me like I grew a second head LOL Smile you'll get the hang of it Smile

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I'm still laughing at the name I gave BM, GBM and BA "the coven" LOL what can I say? I'm easily amused.