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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to this forum.  I would really appreciate it if someone would post a cheat sheet defining what all the abbreviations stand for.  I'm getting some of them, but others I just can't.  Thanks in advance to whoever does it!  

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Here are just a few:

SM = stepmother

SD = stepdad or step daughter

BM = biological mother

BF = usually biological father but every now and then some use for boyfriend

SS = step son

BS = biological son

BD = biological daughter

DW = dear wife

DH = dear husband

DD = dear daughter

DS = dear son

POA = power of attorney

CS = child support

MIL = mother-in-law

FIL = father-in-law

PAS = Parental Alienation Syndrome

SO = significant other

O before ss or sd = oldest

M before ss or sd = middle

Y before ss or sd = youngest

SF = step father

CO = custody order

GBM = biomom's mother;grand BM

CP = custodial parent

NCP = non custodial parent

OP = original poster

MOTY = mother of the year

GUBM = golden uterus bio mother

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Helps alot and i'm glad you replied because I had some of them wrong.  Btw, what does COD mean?