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10 pitfalls of being a daddy's girl

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I hope it's ok to share stuff like this but I read an article about daddy daughter enmeshment n emotional incest, how it links with narcissism. 

I am trying to gain closure as I have left my marriage and gone no contact.

This article describes my ex n his daughter, 23, to a T. Very validating! 

Daddys make their baby girls superstars who do no wrong, no consequences.  He gets adoration from her and as marriage is work he doesn't get this type of constant adoration from his wife (it isn't natural adoration) so he gets his needs for admiration from daughter. She's a Daddys girl.

When she grows up the tables turn as she is daddys wife n daddy can't have happiness aside from her. In front of Dad's new gf or wife she will parade around near naked to stake her territory.  Etc etc etc she possesses daddy now and he will always need to choose her. Etc!

So basically enmeshed n incestuous emotionally daddy n daughter are so bonded because they meet eachothers needs. There is a sexual component to the emotional bond n constant flirting n meeting of eachothers needs. Sometimes actual incest happens. Affairs start emotionally.  No different with daddy n adult woman daughter.

I feel so validated! Neither my stbx or his baby daughter will ever have a normal healthy relationship. 

So I THANK YOU ST  wonderful ppl who care enough to be blunt and also kind with advice. You all saved me possibly years of trying to make my marriage work while fighting his daughter wife for his attention etc.

You all have helped me sooo much. I hope to be able to help someone else to understand enmeshment n emotional incest and the reality of what you as the outsider have on your plate.  Once you KNOW, you can decide to stay or go. But to UNDERSTAND the psychologically sick dynamic when daddy n daughter are oh so close...abnormally. 

I know for my stbx he didn't want to stop incest. His 23 yo dd didn't want to stop it. They will NEVER have real love. 

Glad to be out of the abusive to me dynamic. I learned that dropping the rope n divorcing him is my best option n I feel sooo free. Life is too short,  in my opinion,  to waste hoping they will change. First they have to admit the enmeshment n emotional incest. Then get help etc etc. I am thinking that EVEN IF my stbx n his dd wanted to stop the enmeshment n incest that it woukd take YEARS to be able to do so.

As a wife, I would require him going zero contact with her forever. Cuz narcissists don't change. Never gonna happen.

Disclaimer...not all daddys girl relationships are enmeshed.  Just speaking from my experience. 

I have closure!! I didn't waste years living in this hell partly because of you all. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE ST FORUM AND WONDERFUL WISE PPL WHO CARE TO SHARE!!

I am not pro divorce but I am if daddy created a monster narc daughter...where both daddy n daughter get their fulfillment from eachother. No room for any others.