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“Poor mouthing” SD

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i Shouldn't be surprised that my over40 year old SD, married ,both with good jobs, goes on nice vacations every year actually told her dad, my husband that her car has a check engine light on and that she and her two children would have to drive alone since her husband is working on Thanksgiving.   She continued that she needs a new car and that she was going to have to wait until April to get a car.  Well, I called her and told her that she should wait and come another time.  I'm not cooking this year as our son that lives in town has invited my husband and me to eat with his family.  
This self centered SD has poor mouthed all of her life and will never change.   Oh well, I'm glad she will not be here this Thanksgiving.  

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In all liklihood a check engine light requires an insignificant repair.  Usually it just needs to be reset.   If it is more than that it is likely a sensor that needs to be replaced.

No need for a new car.  Just a trip to the dealership or a reputable garage for a service call.

Enjoy your SD free holiday.