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Tony Curtis’ Widow and her stepadults

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Poor woman. Married to the geezer for 16 years and his “family” blew a gasket while he was practically still warm. Sick. Seems like all they cared about was $$$$$$. I know it’s old news but I just stumbled across this information now.

Last time I checked, a will is a will and adult kids aren’t arbitrarily owed anything? :?

Good grief.

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“Tony promised to take care of the children, and we all want to know what happened to that promise.’

Um...the “children” grew up...?
The wife wiped his ass for 16 years...where were the “children” then?

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They all called him a lousy father yet they expect to get willed everything?! Entitled much?

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My kids have been told they are not entitled to my estate. It's for ME to live on and enjoy and I hope to die broke. If, by chance, anything is left over and my DH is still alive, he will get it in a trust. And if he dies leaving anything behind, that will be divided between the kids.

I am not saving my money to leave them an inheritance. I am saving my money to have a nice retirement and do for them while I'm alive, God willing.

I don't get kids who are counting the days until they can cash in on their parent's money. Go earn your own, mooches!!!!


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I’m certain there will be nothing left when my mother passes away in terms of money and I don’t care. No amount of money will make me happy she’s gone. Sad

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Agreed on that. When my grandparents died, my aunt and her daughter tried to forge documents and contest the will. Disgusting. Death is not a PAYCHECK, and anyone who thinks it IS, well they are disgusting. Cash and stolen goods can't hug you or tell you they love you. 

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If things had been reversed and he'd willed the $60 million only to his children, I doubt his wife would have squeezed a cent out of them.

They're all a bunch of pigs. I don't like this kind of greed no matter who it is. When there's that much money, his wife was positioned to be Mother Theresa and make sure they each got a pile. For me, it would have been worth it just to prove she wasn't what they call her.

That he was a terrible father is not disputed. But I wish the wife had given a nod to that by sharing the estate with them. She didn't have to, but it would have shown she is bigger than all of them put together.

(I understand the wife operates a horse sanctuary. Let's hope that's where the money went.)

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Though I definately won the parent lottery and my mom and dad are both awesome.... the estate thing really is a thing. My parent's Will used to split everything 50/50 between my younger brother and I with the exception that my Skid was given a specific grant of money. This was done to make sure he was recognized though in a way that the SpermClan could not benefit from in the event of my parents' demise when he was a minor. My mom got it in her mind that she wanted to establish a trust that all her direct decendents would have equal shares of ... that would be me, my brother, and his 3 children. I never had an issue with that... but my little brother sure did. He told my parents that if they did that he wanted everything to go to me because it was not fair for he and his decendents to get 80% of mom and dad's estate while I only got 20% because I chose to not have BKs. He also said that it is his job to provide for his children and that any estate they receive he will earn and leave to them. If either my brother or I pre-decease our parents then their half goes to their decendents. Not something that had even entered my mind but I found his perspective to be interestingly heartfelt and it gave me a warm fuzzy. Since then my Skid asked for me to adopt him so now he is officially a Rags clan member and gets squat until I kick. So, the only change to the Will was that once SS turned 18 he was removed completely from the Will and it all splits equally between my brother and I. In our Will my wife and I are each other's sole heir and beneficiary upon the demise of one or the other of us. In the event of our joint demise our son is our heir and it all goes into trust until he is 40 or completes a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Our way of parenting from beyond the grave if necessary. Though Tony's kids can contest the Will, unless there is something that invalidates that Will they will likely be SOL. If I were his widow I would consider filing harassment charges against the Skids. Since they are being complete assholes about the whole thing she may as well match their crap with a dose of her own.

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Really confirms your claims about winning the parent lottery. I loved reading about a family member being honorable wanting half, instead of 80 percent. I lost a dear friend to cancer last year, and her last years were financially challenging as her sister, the executor of wealthy estate, stole & mismanaged the funds. So my friend was dying of cancer, had lost her husband to cancer 4 years earlier, and her sister withheld what their mother had left her (millions, plus some San Francisco real estate). My friend had to pursue with an attorney (she got a good one, and they won, but still!). I wish my friend had a sister like your brother, instead.

Appreciate your posts!