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Naive or Stupid?

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After giving my heart and sole to my step-children since they were 1 and 3 respectively, I have just realised that I have absolutely no rights whatsoever now they are at a private school part-funded by their BF's company. I say part-funded, because I'm paying the other part of the fees yet the school doesn't recognise me whatsoever as a parent, and in particular my SD isn't too 'bovvered' (she's recently become a teenager) and says that "its normal because I've got nothing to do with the company her BF works for" (that part-funds the school). The fact that I've brought her up and helped her through all her development, and am also paying for her school, holidays, clubs, etc, etc, seems to escape her. It doesn't help that the school glorify her BF (because he's very senior in the company) and that I'm not invited to open days, PTA days and taht any correspondence is sent via BF (and his new wife). I've also recently realised that I have no legal rights to make any decisions on behalf of my (step) children as we have not applied for legal guardianship. Am I naive or stupid?