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Boundaries with BM - am I being unreasonable?

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Last week we had an incident my partner had to have a difficult conversation with the biomom and advocate his daughter. I was his support person for this.

Now the biomom just come back and said she has taken me off the list for preschool pick ups and drop offs. I really love my step daughter, and work shift work, so it's really nice to be able to have some mornings or afternoons with her during the week.

I want my partner to put in a boundary and say that it is not okay for the biomom to do this. He says can't be bothered with the drama it will cause, so he isn't going to.

Am I being unreasonable by feeling really hurt by him not standing up for me?

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Firstly, if it’s his parenting time then he can choose who picks up his kid and when.

Secondly, she’s not your kid. I, with heartfelt affection, advise to stop the additional one on one bonding time with the kid. You’re no married to her dad? Double advise to take a step back.

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Yes, this. Also - stop "advocating" for her with her mother, that's just poking the beast. Let your SO and BM work out their conflicts without you chiming in (of course you are on your SO's side, what's the point of adding your two cents?)

Let SO and BM handle their kid.  Butting in like that irritates BM and makes her target you. 

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Count your blessings. WHEN (not if, but when) BM decides to add you back on, tell her no. Right now this is a power play by BM that will eventually come to bite her in the butt. She's going to change her mind about that quickly when she realizes that it's in her best interest to "allow" you to pick up HER child. Just be happy about this. Trust me.


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Um. Your SO should be able to add you to the list. As he is the parent too and has a say as to who can pick up the child. 

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Boundaries are something we do ourselves. Not something we force others to do. 

Leaving it to your SO to figure out his own childcare - that would be a boundary you could set. But there is no such thing as forcing someone else to make a boundary with a third person. 

Actually it sounds as though BM is the one who's successfully made a boundary here. She's taken you off the pickup list. 

The boundary I suggest you make is to stop communicating directly with BM.

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In your original posting on the blog side, you stated your SO's parenting time is weekends. 

He's not receiving parenting time some weekday mornings and afternoons , why should he demand you be? If you have been offering to do some babysitting during the week for BM on what is BM's parenting time, she has every right to tae you off the pick-up/drop-off preschool approval list. 

Parenting time is for the parents, and that's not you. I understand you have concerns about possible violence in the child's BM's home (but not against the child), and yes, that's worrisome. You've contacted CPS.... but your SO can not just demand you be able to parent instead of him (who obviously isn't home) or BM (who actually holds that weekday parenting time. 

If your SO is as worried about possible violence an his daughter witnessing it as you are, he is going to have to be the one who pursues this. He can go to the courts and try adjusting custody time, he can phone in report after report of any new incidents to CPS .... but what he can not do is set some 'boundary' demanding you be allowed access to the child on BM's time (you do have your sense of 'boundary' mixed up here). 


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Have your partner go to the preschool and add you to the pick up and drop off list.  BM can fuck off.