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Teenager making the Visitation rules

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SD almost 17 is refusing to come to court ordered visits, when she does come she is misreable and obviously doesnt want to be there, if DH gives in and allows her to continue to miss visits does that give bio mom a reason to pull him back into court for more child support? last court decision was 7/2016

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what does cp stand for? should bd contact court or only if bm put in an request for modification?

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Time for daddy to file a contempt motion against BM each and every time she fails to deliver the kid for visitation. They kid may not want to visit but that does not alleviate the CP's responsibility to facilitate visitation or the NCP's right to have visitation with his kid.

Se how BM likes getting spanked in court for the Skid's crap.

And yes, more time with BM could result in higher CS for your DH to pay.

He needs to grow some balls and insist on and enforce his visitation.

DH needs call his attorney and put together an aggressive strategy to get BM, the SKid, and this situation under control.

IMHO of course.

Good luck.