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I'm Pregnant.

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Where do i begin.....My partner and his Ex were togather for 20 years but never married and had 3 children ages 20, 15 & 11.

My partner agreed in court that what he has to pay Child support is exactly half of what the monthly mortgage payment is so it was agreed he woulld pay the whole of the mortgage payment so it covers what he has to pay CS and then his half of the mortgage so when eventually sold they split the equity 50/50. It was also agreed that should she co-habit for longer than 6 months or when the youngest child reaches 18 my partner can force the sale of the property.

We know that she has been co-habiting since Feb 2008 and a solicitor wrote to say that we know and that we want to sell the house and she simply wrote back saying that no she lives alone and its all rubbish!

So we are now with another solicitor who wants to go to a barrister with all the info to find out if it is enough to go to court or not and its going to cost us a further £800 which we cannot afford.

In the mean time i have been made redundant so my partner called the mortgage company and we are taking a years break in the payments BUT i have also now found out i am pregnant so we will never be able to afford to pay that mortgage again, we can afford the Child support payments but thats it.

What can we do now? Please help..

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Do you have enough proof that she's living alone or not?

Is that the problem? If so you can recruit a friend or relative, someone retired perhaps, who can sit on the house and note the comings and goings of the guy.

Or take a chance and take our a personal loan (credit card) against the procedes of the sale and try to collect the expense in the upcoming hearing. Use the money to hire someone to sit the house.


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Well i am actually in the process of starting my own PI company and working with many other PI's currently so getting someone to do that would not be a problem but would it be enough?