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Give me a break! This is why she wants to depose me?

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My attorney talked to HCBM's this morning. Mine asked hers what in the world is going on with her wanting to depose me. They agreed on mediation to try and settle and then she insists on deposing me? Her attorney said that from what he's gathered, she doesn't know me that well and just wants to ask questions like if I am involved in disciplining the step kids, what my parenting approach is with them ect...

I laughed! I said that is complete and utter bull crap! In almost 5 years she has never acknowledged me. I have reached out to her, I have emailed her and I even went to a therapy session with her and DH to try and talk to her and sge screamed in my face. That was the last interaction I had with her. I don't play the drama game. So now all of a sudden she just wants to get to understand my role in the parenting/Discipline when she has made it perfectly clear she does not want me to have ANY involvement with their kids. Bull!!! Her attorney is getting played by the queen of high conflict and drama. Good thing though is he was getting super aggressive and he actually apologized! This is her second attorney after firing her first so he's still getting to know this case and it seems he may have been mislead and starting to understand what is actually going on here and it's HIS client that is the problem! 



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She has zero interest in getting to know you or your parenting style.  What she wants to ensure is that you have ZERO authority or disciplining authority over her children.  I don't think it's all that surprising.. she wants to find out that you have been parenting her kids.. not your DH.. and she is going to use that to her advantage in court I'm guessing.  and if you have been disciplining and any of it is corporal punishment of any laying on of hands?  that will end up being used as well.

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I don't discipline my step kids and I have never laid a finger on any child in my life ever. I don't parent them, I don't get involved in anything to do with them and I don't have a single desire to do so. She knows this too. 

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She probably also wants an opportunity to have you sit in a room and be grilled by her attorney, which she thinks will show you that she's in charge. But really, what a waste of money to do that....

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Lol!! She has no idea who she's messing with. She's going to be very sorry she tried to put me in my place. The beauty of this is that she can't say a peep!! I can say anything I want and she can't say a single word. Lol!!! 

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Can you say "no"? If you do, will it cause a problem for your DH?  Depositions don't have to be that bad.  Your attorney can coach you through it.  Do you have the option of agreeing to the deposition if an only if she pays the reasonable cost of YOUR attorney to prep you for it and attend it with you?  

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Well it's relevant because I live with these kids too. It's fine. I want to do it because I'm going to set the record straight but I know it's not because she just wants to ask me a few questions! How stupid.

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So she's already on lawyer number two, he will catch on quick enough.

Meth Mouth went through three lawyers during her second divorce and custody battles with DH and second ex. One lawyer even quit in the middle of court because Meth Mouth had lied about getting arrested in another state.

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Yep she has fired her first attorney and three of the kids therapists because they are not agreeing with her sick ways. She tries to discredit everyone who doesn't agree with her. Teachers, principals, parents, coaches, therapists, attorneys, my husband and looks like it's now my turn. Lol!! She's so stupid. 

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Lawyer - "So what is your method of discipline when the Skids are over?"

BioStep7777 - "Discipline? Their father handles that."

Lawyer - "What type of interactions do you have with the Skids?"

BioStep7777 - " I say Good Morning to them when they wake up, I say Good NIght when they're going to bed. Anything in between I refer them to their dad."

Lawyer - What kind of parenting approach to you engage with the Skids?

Biostep7777 - "Not my monkeys, not my problem. I refer them to their dad."



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Once again:  don't give them anything they can use.  Showing hatred toward BM won't help DH's case.  Just deflect every question.


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No I won't do that. I don't hate her. I have a lot of pity for her but I don't hate her. She obviously has some deep deep insecurities and that's sad.