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Custody & Access or Voice of the Child

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Can someone give me their experiences of the end result? Specifically how long did it take after the interviews to receive the recommendations, and what did those recommendations look like. Email? Through the lawyer? How were they received and what was the format? 

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ExH had one done when BM moved without consent. It was pointless. She found that ExH and BM were both fit parents and SD would thrive with either party having primary. They could co-parent more... but mostly happy rainbow stories, blah blah blah. The report was sent to ExH and BM's lawyers. Either could call her to testify if they chose. 

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Ask your lawyer. They will have the best information on how long things typically take in your area. 

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Call your attorney's office. Anyone in the office should be able to give you guidance on how long it takes to receive the results of an assessment  as well as the typical format and communication path.