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Contempt charge

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I have a question for anyone on here who has knowledge of family law. Can a non-custodial parent file an contempt charge against the custodial parent without the aid of an attorney? It would be beneficial to have
one, but right now, it's not affordable.

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Yes, I believe that is possible in many Jurisdictions. Though I am not an attorney. You may want to wait to see if any of our legal eagle STalkers responds.

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Yes you can. DH just did it in our jurisdiction. We didn't win, but BM was told directly by the judge that DH is right, and that she was wrong, which is really what he was loooking for.

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Congratulations Mustang glad to read your dh's Judge had enough of the shenanigans with your husbands ex.

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Thank you all for your responses. It's a damn shame that many non-custodial parents get railroaded by the actions of the other parties, including the family court system. Nangooseus, I'm glad that the judge saw what was going on and acknowledged the problem. I wished he or she ruled your SO's favor though. Mustang, I'm glad that your judge took action and made things turn around. We need more judges like that. I am hoping with my husband's situation that whoever he stands in front of will rule what's truly in "the best interest of the child", a phrase the courts love to use but have no understanding of what that really entails.

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Every day courts perpetrate action that proves they rarely have a clue what "the best interests of the child" entails.

When a court forces a minor child to have visitation with a drug addled, waste of skin, total POS parent that action has nothing to do with the best interests of the child.

The prevailing pseudo science moronic mantra is that it is best for a kid to have a relationship with both of their parents. Ceteris Paribus I agree but very rarely is all else equal. A kid should never be forced to spend time with a toxic, criminal, drug addicted, morally deficient, waste of skin even if it is their parent.

IMHO of course.