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21 support NOT ending because of college!

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Talk about timing. I (dh) just got served. Apparently the servers can hand the papers to anyone who lives in the residence and it's good to go.

Last month oldest SD turned 21. DH filed to have CS ended. Normal, nothing to get excited about.... Wow were we stupid. Small clause in his divorce decree - if child is still in college at the time of her reaching majority, support is to continue to 25.

Now that I'm done banging my head against the wall, I have to find a lawyer because I just can not do this shyte for another 4 years. Especially knowing that
SD 19 is right behind.

They live with their grandmonster, and she's never been a huge advocate of education, ex. SD21 has been attending a 2 year school (local community college)
and she's now going into her 3rd year! Of Theater.

This young adult works, takes minimum of classes allowed, we have no idea what her GPA is, based on her past performance, (tossed out of two high schools for lack of attendance) - have a feeling that she's not going to be making Dean's List anytime soon.

We've got the summer to prepare as court date is set for September. And the feeling isn't good.

Anyone from Brooklyn New York that's had to deal with this? Has anyone had to deal with this?!?


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OMFW....what a nightmare! If my FDH had to pay til 25 I would flip my shit! I am barely hanging on right now and the kid is only going to be 12 in August...I am soooo fed up with this bitch and her brat getting sooo much of my mans money and we get the shitty leftovers. Sad

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I couldn't agree MORE! Why do these men have to continually pay for their stupid choice to get with and knock up these gold digging bitches?! When does it end?! Sad

I get that you have to SUPPORT your KIDS but when did that become supporting the kids PLUS the hag and her other crotch droppings and paying for them ALL to have a cushy life while the NCP (99% of the time the man) and his family might as well live under a bridge?! WTF is wrong with this system and country?!

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It burns my ass that kids of "divorce" get to have money practically thrown at them WAY past the age of being LEGAL adults and it is ok and expected BUT if you are from an "in-tact" family you're parents can boot your ass out on the street at 18 with NO support!!! WTF is wrong with this fucking country/"Justice" system!!!??? GRRRR!!!

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Here's the catch - you/me/us can't ask the school or the 'child' for information. Over 18, school only has to disclose to the person who attends. And since she rarely speaks to us, she's not saying.
And yeah, can you imagine, a theater major....
She really is some actress.

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That is WRONG! So what if the kid is flunking out and only goes there to fuck off and take ridiculous courses??? Our men are supposed to keep paying for it so they can do whatever the fuck they want til however old they are??!!


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Unfortunately he is going to be bound to the clause in his decree. He can try to fight it, but I don't know how successful he will be seeing that the 21 year old, is in fact, still in college. Now you may get to change to who is getting the $$$. I personally find it ridiculous to support a 21 year old, and I find it equally ridiculous that there is a clause in his decree about a 25 year old STILL getting $$ if he/she is in college.

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Or better yet, when they make the NCP pay for their kids kids (gkids) because their kid knocked someone up while still receiving CS from the NCP!


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It is twisted, isn't it. I remember wanting to move out, finish school, actually become independent!
Say good-bye to M&D and get on with my own life.

This crap of 'till 25', was supposed to be if the offspring went to Grad school, there would be a little extra. And the thing is, if she was a good student, was doing well, achieving something, I don't think I'd be upset about the money at all.

Unfortunately, he did knowingly sign with this clause in it, but it was at a time when all parties had agreed that education was a priority. Something that he was never able to enforce, as he wasn't custodial.

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:jawdrop: I'm so sorry, that's not even right, in any way shape or form. I don't have any words of advice, I'm just so sorry.

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"if child is still in college at the time of her reaching majority, support is to continue to 25."


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:jawdrop: you poor thing..I feel for you so bad! Have a drink on me my deserve the bottle!

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Thank you. I will take that bottle, and see you with another. It's going to be a long night.


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25! That is going far and beyond.

Check your state guidelines on the requirements for support to continue through college. In the state I live in, transcripts have to be provided to the NCP every semester and I think a certain GPA has to be maintained.

It used to be 22 if in college where I am, then they changed it to 21 if in college. SD is not smart enough to go to college and got married before she was out of high school. I lucked out.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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Lol, I keep hoping that one of them will get married!!
Or at least before one of them becomes pg. (whole 'nother nightmare)!!

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:jawdrop: I feel even more sorry for you & your situation! Your DH is CHOOSING to support his grown ass daughter! THAT I WOULD NEVER STAND FOR! EVER!

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What? Your skid already has two degrees and still isn't working!? And lives with you... I am so sorry.

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Im a cod, but i sure as h3!! Didnt feel entitled to anything from my parents. I've worked since i was 15 and paid for my own stuff, car, car insurance, college, clothes, even extra-curriculars and graduation items. My parents gave $100.00 toward my senior trip but i fund-raised or paid from my paychecks for the other $2200. This entitlement attitude will be the downfall of society.

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"This entitlement attitude will be the downfall of society."

EXACTLY! We don't have to look far...just look at the Welfare system!

UGH...Way to go America! Sad

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If your SO agreed to it during the divorce, and the CO was written that way, he can be held to it. Probably nothing you can do about it.