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You're their mom to respond.

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Dh has said this to me twice in the past week. Both times the skids were within ear shot (in the car with us) so I didn't feel it was the best time time o get into a big discussion about it. I also didn't really know how to respond.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or cause any bad blood in the family....but no, I am not their mom. I am their stepmother, that's it. They have moms....shitty absent mom, but moms none the less.

Any idea on how to gently explain to dh that while I will care for them as children in our family....that doesn't make them my children in the same way that my BSs are my children?

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My DH says stuff like that sometimes too. Usally when DH wants me to keep SS while he goes and does something. I know thats manipulation and I call him on it. While I do all the work as a mother to and for SS. And I love SS dearly and would love for him to call me MOM. SS does have a Mother. Yes she is a POS drug addict. But as long as SS loves her that is his Mother. Now for any reason SS ever decided to call me Mom I would let him I think it is his choice to make. Being a mom is about loving a child and that love being returned. Not everyone can be a mom, some people just fill in. Which is what I'm doing. Dhs don't see it tht way. He thinks because I do everything that that is who I'am. We all know thats not so.