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your 6th sense is a gift!!!

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ladies and lads,

always trust your gut. It's like our bodies are human lie detectors, u just gotta listen! Some of u may remember how I'd question whether or not my (now) ex boyfriend was still in love with his 2nd baby mamma. Something seemed so off about their relationship. But anytime I'd ask him or question him about her, he'd tell me I'm insecure and having flighty ideas and then he'd have a reasonable explanation to my question(s).I'd feel "WTF" about something pertaining to him/her, question him.....went on for a long time.

One of the things that blew my mind was how upset he was over Golden Uterus' announcement that she was preggo again. She was pregnant by her boyfriend, the man who she left my bf for 3 years ago. I asked him why he would be somber over her preggo news. Boyfriend claimed he was worried about how it will affect THEIR son (age 5). Why? Because she rarely has time for him as it is, with work and school, so add a baby to the mix and she will probably never have time for him. Hmmmm. Sounds kinda reasonable. But I raised an eyebrow when he added: "her boyfriend is such a BUM, I feel so bad for her."

Well, we broke up soon after her preg announcement for various reasons. But I vividly recall asking bf why she announced her pregnancy to their 5 yo son 1 month into her pregnancy. I thought it was pretty weird and not common practice. Most women I know wait until the 3 month mark before announcing it to their young children, especially if the woman is 35 or older. I asked him if her pregnancy was made up, but he called me "weird and crazy" for that suggestion, and then showed me her online gift registry, etc. I then felt bad for even thinking she would do something like that.

I won't go into the BU details, but I will say that even during our BU fight, he claimed I was too insecure for him with my suspicions over him n her. We parted and I haven't talked to him in 3 months. But today, I found out through a mutual coworker of ours that she miscarried 3 months into her pregnancy. And that everyone at her job thinks the pregnancy was MADE UP. Why? Because her boyfriend was cheating on her and she was likely grasping at straws to keep him!! Ugggh. Nobody at her job KNOWS for sure if the pregnancy was a lie, but how interesting that I thought she was lying right off the bat, and now her coworkers think she was as well. And the best part? She is back with my ex boyfriend now, playing happy family. I was right again.

The odds of them lasting this time? My gut is telling me 1 year! And I hope she burns his heart up. Use yout 6th sense ladies. It is an amazing gift!!

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Excellent post!!! You are so lucky to have listened to your "inner voice." In all my relationships, I ignored my gut feeling and it always got me into trouble!!

GG said stuff like "the Behemoth remarried too soon!" Now he says "she's moved on with her life."

I really do think he's regretted our "relationship" since day one and felt that I OWED him his room and board and everything else since I was the "evil one" who broke up his marriage (although he pursued me RELENTLESSLY in the beginning and I was turning him down).

He feels it's my DUTY to him as he would gladly give his entire salary to the Behemoth (and has done so in the past) as some sort of sick twisted penance that I have to pay.

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yeap....I used it with my ex husband and just knew something was wrong...

All that lying he did....

reasonable explanations....but one or two many golf days were occuring...

The weekend he was about to go on a business trip for 4 months....he played golf all weekend....? Now that didnt sound right....

then came the day he left I insisted we go to his office where he was to leave from....omg....he didnt want that.....oh no...

cos at the office was his fluesy slut (married to someone else) girlfriend....

Locked me out of the building with the kids while he said goodbye to her....

I just wish he had of done that before we got married and had kids.... :sick:

but yeah....ill never forget that inner voice or what that feeling felt like, I just knew that something was going on....

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I agree 100%. That little "voice" or feeling is there for a reason! Use it. Ignoring it will always prove to be the wrong choice. Don't "talk yourself out of" your gut feeling. When you know, you know.

Glad you got out while you could!

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Yep, that little voice will tell you amazing things. I use that on my kids all the time. I don't need evidence to accuse! And I have yet to apologize for falsly accusing them. Because, it always turns out that I'm right. They don't even bother hiding things anymore.