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Would like to sue husbands ex wife

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Has anyone ever considered suing there husbands ex wife? Anxiety and stress caused by my husbands ex wife have left me having seizures and unable to work. I had a good job until she started playing games and causing so much stress for us that I started having epileptic seizures. I was seizure free for over 13 years and not medicated for it. Now because of her I can't afford the medication, I can't keep a full time job and am at risk for losing my driver license. If anyone has helpful tips or advice I would appreciate it.

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Can you prove it is her causing the emotional stress and you are going to need a really good laywer

I wish I could sell her for what she thinks she is worth,
I'd be a millionare twice.

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pretty damn hard to prove that SHE was the cause... however, it's not to say that you can't get restraining orders.

But if you're referring to suing for compensation... forget about it.

Seek an attorney.

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Actually, DH and I debated doing that very thing. Our lawyer advised us that it's basically impossible to prove. We had bank account statements showing that BM has 6 figures in the bank, statements from friends/coworkers advising of the decietful malicious things BM was doing, recorded phone messages w/threats, etc. and still we were advised it was a poor decision. Said it would cause more problems than it was worth. Good luck in your situation.

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I was also thinking of doing what you propose, but their is no way to hold her the eyes of the law...for my illness. So my DH & I did the next best thing.... we moved away from her in florida, to masssachusetts, where our family lives and we are both from here when we were kids. It was the best thing I could do, I never have to see her again, we cut off all the communication with her because of her past harrassment, she still tries once in awhile.... but now it is sooooo easy to avoid. I now see a doc.& counseler, my meds dont cost me anything because Mass. has freecare for people who cant afford insurance, and I have applied for disability benifits. The future of my marrage looks brighter, and even though I will have this disorder for life (yes she was that bad, i was even pregnant at the worst of it) She has no idea how much damage she has done, and I don't want her to, she'll only love it....and then she wins!! My DH will have his kids come here for visits and we got that all ordered before we left. We miss them, but it was what we had to do. Chel