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Withholding Kids

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During school vacation times FH and BM have 50/50 parenting time. While they are in school FH has them wednesdays and every other saturday+Sunday, plus friday overnight on the alternating weekend. When the skids first got school canceled from coronavirus, they both agreed to abide by the summer schedule, 4 nights on and 4 nights off. Now the school rolled out some online homework and BM is saying well now they are "back in school" so she's not going to let ys have them for our 4 nights. Someone talk me down off a ledge because honestly I could just throat punch this to right now. 

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I have to say - BM would win this one in court. It's not summer, school is online (and therefore in session), so if she doesn't want to go by the summer schedule, she doesn't have to.

Sorry.  :(   Your DH should know better than to try to make a deal with a BM like this.

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I would consider online schooling during the normal school year to fall under the school schedule. Also, if they are doing the online schooling similar to how my sons school has it set up I think it would be alot easier on the teachers to have one point of contact during the week for the kids.


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If school is still in session (online) probably best to keep to the routine schedule and let them focus on their work.  They will have enough distractions and issues staying focused with schoolwork from home, a back/forth mid week like that would be detrimental.  I have to side with BM here.