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Why do we need to be given a weather report by BM every morning?

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BM is such a control freak that she feels the need to text BF every morning that SD9 is with us and give him a weather report, like we're completely incompetent and don't care to make sure that SD is dressed warm enough Honestly! He actually ignored her this morning but then she friggin' called him to ask if he got her text. He told her that "She's fine. Goodbye." Unbelievable!

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That is annoying!!! I would beat her to the punch, before she can text you I would every morning text her for example:
As today is raining with a low of 50 degrees, sd is wearing a rain resistent/ yet very fashionable pink rainjaket and carrying a matching umbrella. Have a great day bm! }:)

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I would ignore it and if she called, I would let it go to voicemail. She only has as much control as you allow her.

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She really does that? I'd say, HELLLLL NO! I pay FH and I's cell bill every month. BM is NOT allowed to text FH. ((She's made some attempts to try to get him back...)) The way I see it is if she has something to say to him she can say it outloud...and he can answer - outloud. What used to be "I" is now a "we" and "we" are a unit. She ONLY calls when her BF is at work...and of course tries to keep FH on the phone as long as possible. Tells me that's not sneaky? And besides...if my ex of 5 years was texting me - the FH would be p*'s it!

I'd just let it go to voicemail and let her call as many times as she wants or just start saying - for example - if it's snowing - "She has on a Tshirt - jeans - and flipflops - oh, and we wont be putting a jacket on her today..." Sometimes sarcasm is a good way to tell them to back off...

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If it were me, being the sarcastic, fight-picking one that I am, I would text her every morning with some smart ass comment but in all reality, all that would do is make her think she's getting what she wants... control.

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I would just ignore it that would make her even more mad...she probably knows that it bothers you so she does it. The less you show that it bothers you the more mad it will make her. Don't let him answer the text and if she calls you answer the phone and be real nice about it. She doesn't have nothing better to do in the morning so that's what she is trying to do.

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Maybe you should start texting her every morning she has SD, giving her a weather report and asking her to let you know what SD will wearing. Then text her at dinner time to remiind her to feed SD. Then text her at night to remind her to put SD to bed. LOL!

I really wouldnt do that, but I wish I would...LOL!

I would just ignore it - or ask her to only text you for emergency or schedule changes/times/etc.

"God grant me the serenity accept the things I cannot change; the strength to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference."

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I love it! Unfortunately BF would have my head on a platter but it's really fun to think about. I've been harping on him that he needs to tell her that the constant texting has to stop and that if she's got something that's actually valid, she needs to email him but he won't do anything about it. His parents and I are contemplating an intervention b/c something needs to be done. Too much unecessary stress caused by BM.

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My SD's BM does the same thing. It's so annoying. Her texts to my BF are very demeaning, as if he were a child.

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"Who needs therapy when you have wine." ~Anonymous

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I get blown away by the amount of contact BM has with my FH! They speak to each other every day on the phone, text messages, whatever... when the girls (SD2 and SD4)are with us (every Wednesday sleep over and EOW) or even when they are not! I keep asking my FH - what on earth do you NEED TO BL**DY WELL TALK ABOUT ALL THE TIME??? - it can't possibly be about the girls all of the time!!?? It drives me insane! He then clams up or gives me a "it's only always about the girls!" and I just *sigh*...

I think it's slowly starting to turn ME into a complete nutter as whenever his phone goes, the hair on the back of my neck starts to though I have this 6th sense it's her....and 9 times out of 10 I'm SPOT ON! I hate hearing the change in my FH's tone when he answers the phone... it really urks's like... all flat and sad as though he needs to be pitied for something! WHY? FOR WHAT? I WISH HE WOULD JUST ACQUIRE SOME B*LLOCKS!! ....I swear I can't stand it!

Why am I unable to get over this?!?! I totally understand how stepmom008 feels.....TOTALLY!

I know I have to be more understanding..I know, I know, I know...its all about the girls.....but I really sometimes feel as though I am living with 2 families - I guess it doesn't help that BM lives 5 mins up the road.....oh I could go on and on and on!....haha!

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I actually got to the point where I had to make him change his text message ringtone. I would physically cringe everytime it went off. If I could secretly inject him with something that would make him grow a set of balls I would totally do it.