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why do i let it bother me so much

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Dh calls SS8 "baby".. I'm picking up baby...Baby is coming over.. give baby a kiss for me. Its so aggravating. We have a BABY (he is 12 months) I'm sorry but 8 years old is not a baby. But im the a-hole for saying "and you wonder why your son still acts like a 3 year old" I just need to let it go.

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I get really annoyed when dh calls ss12 "baba" and baby. He doesn't even want to give ss the sex talk because he thinks he's s baby. Um yeah sure dh! Let's see how that works out for you! And up until a few months ago they held hands in public until I started saying things about it.

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Dh calls SD16 'munchkin' and 'sweetheart'. I cringe when I hear him say, 'Gonna go pick up munchkin now!' If she was a young child, fine, but the kid is taller than me!

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:sick: :sick: :sick:

I could not tolerate this. I would be shredding both DH and the baby SS-8 for this. Frequently and brutally.

:sick: :sick: :sick:

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My DH calls SD9 "baby girl"- & she in return speaks back to him in baby talk. Probably why SS12 is still referring to DH as "Daddy"

Drives me crazy. Time to cut the umbilical cord already.