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Who wants to pay to be a nanny?

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Instead of it being the other way around? Not me! Anyone with me here? Who wants to financially support children who aren't yours when chances are they are disrespectful in return and one day you will split up anyways and never see them again? Who is with me?

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At least nanny's get paid. I'd rather be a nanny in the upper east of NYC and call it a day. 

Thank you very much & goodbye!

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I had a friend who was a nanny for a while to wealthy families and she was earning $100k+ as well as getting to go on exciting vacations etc and other cool perks with the families. When she stoped working for them she stayed in touch and the kids love her. Sounds great (on paper) if you are a kid person. Apparently parents can get pretty demanding though. 

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I wouldn't and I didn't do either one of those things, you don't have to as a stepparent.

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I'm guessing no one caught onto my sarcasm. I was insinuating that being a step mother is basically like being a free nanny, only if you move halfway across the state to be with your DH and his kids then you now get to pay to be a nanny by paying half of his rent/mortgage and your moving expenses!

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I got it, I'm sure others did too. 

If you have this much resentment over the decision that you took to move and contributing towards your accomodation then it sounds like there are some problems in your relationship. Stop allowing yourself to be treated as a nanny and start demanding that your partner parent his own kids. If he won't, then it might be time to consider moving out.