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Who has overweight stepchildren?

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And what are their ages/ weight/ height? What do you think is the main cause of this latest trend?

I'll start: SD6 is 3'7" and weighs 76 pounds already. Causes? Starchy foods at home and eating out daily from various fast food eateries. Video gaming is probably not helping either.

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I have an overweight SS who is 9 and weighs 100lbs or more. His Dad and I split a year ago and I am now back in the picture. I think he is emotionally eating. Also his absent BM has recently come into the picture (thinking I was out of it) and part of their "bonding" includes food. She is very overweight and I think he is ending up like her. He sneaks food and eats whatever is left over on his sister's plate. It is sad really!

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Whoa. My BD7 only weighs 51 pounds and is 4'3" tall.

SD was overweight as a child. Between ages 8 and 9 she went from 70 to 105 pounds (50% gain). She was wearing women's size XL shirts to fit around her stomach (she was not tall for her age). Cause: DH and BM "competing" for SD's affection and so with 50/50 custody being a weird every other day schedule, SD was eating fast food/restaurants an average of 5 times a week! Even on the best of days DH doesn't eat good (he never makes a vegetable when it's his night to cook). She got skinny during puberty but is now regaining the weight. I told DH she's going to end up just like her mom, who is about 5 feet tall and almost as wide.

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I am 5'8 and am 118 pounds...but am a vegan and teach Aerobics twice a week on top of my other full time job. (no, not bragging.)

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SD11 is 140 lbs at about 5 feet. My DH took her to get a physical and the doc said straight to her face. "You are obese. Time to get on a diet". Yep.

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SD15 is 5'2" and 190 lbs. You heard me right - *190*

Cause: Lazy-ass BM who couldn't be bothered to cook anything more than chicken nuggets because it was what her (now-obese now-7-yr-old) younger child would eat. Crap food galore, with SD being left alone at home in the afternoons (latchkey kid) starting when she was 10, so what did she do? If you say, "eat crap all afternoon watching TV", you win! BM eats like crap, SD follows suit. SD also stress eats, and is stressed out a lot. BM won't buy SD a bike and won't even let her walk in the neighborhood because she might get snatched by some molester.

When SD was 12, her school nickname was Sasquatch because she wears a woman's size 11 shoe, she's fat, and she has super-thick hair that BM insisted stay cut right at her shoulders. At that length, the natural curl makes it bushy, and it was always in her face.

I want six months to get that girl on a decent diet and exercise program. In 2008, she lost 20 lbs in six weeks just eating right and doing fun stuff like geocaching with DH and me.

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My SD32 is about 5'5" and probably weighs close to 300 lbs. From pictures of her, she looked like a chubby teenager but alot of girls are. I personally thinks she has terrible self esteem issues which is why she is on her 5th gang banger, baby daddy.
SS35 used to be overweight for a couple of reasons. He spends every dime he has on going out to drink and eat fast food. Also, the drugs he's prescribed can cause weight gain. Sadly, I believe he isn't taking his meds anymore and he also can't afford to eat like he used to since he's in his own place now and has to pay rent.
Life's a bitch, ain't it?

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SS isn't overweight, but he has the potential to get there - genetics and lifestyle. Last week I showed him the mypyramid website because he loves anything related to a website or computer game. So, now, he's into that.

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My SS is 11 5'1 145lbs!! Poor boy!! I make meals as healthy as possible. Wont touch a veggie!! I have to blend and sneak them in foods he will eat! BM has him 3 days a week and feeds him crap!!! Wouldnt expect much more from her though! My SD14 lived with us for 2 yrs left June 2010 at weighs 160lbs!! and shes about 5'6......we can only change what WE can change...BM doesnt seem to care

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Thanks guys for commenting. I do not think SD6 will be tall at all. Her mom is barely 5 foot tall and dad is only 5 '7" at max. BM is very obese even though she tries to work out daily. DH is a bean pole. I'm worried because her BM has had hypertension since her 20's and is letting SD6 eat junk galore. SD6 hates healthy foods and it is impossible for me to help in the short time that she is with us.

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DH offered SS1 $1,000 to lose 25 pounds. Never even tried to cut back for one night. DH is so off base with behavior modification incentives isn't even funny any more. And the junk food DH buys is terrible. SS1 is 14, weights 155 lbs. Kids at school were asking him this year: Do you have a belly button? Rumor had started he did not have one. Still no dieting, changes to appearance.

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one of my ss is overweight. he is 9 and 125#. BM feeds him a diet of high fat convenient foods, soda, and they have a "help yourself" policy. bm also tells ss what he doesnt like, even though he may have never tried it.
When the 2 skids first started visiting regularly, we had several issues about ss not eating (I refuse to be a short order cook. hell no). But since we have not faltered from our "eat what we make or go hungry" approach, he now eats what we make and is enjoying the food, also. Not much we can do about his diet at bm's, but we can at least hope that our examples here in our home with help somehow.
The only problem we have at our house now is that ss has a very guilty conscious, and if he likes something I make more than his bm's version, he actually will have a total change in attitude and will get very quiet and wont eat. For example, I made homemade cinnamon rolls. He said how much he loved them and how he could eat the whole pan if I let him. then ss#2 said "yeah, these are way better than the one's mom makes out of the tube". ss#1 got withdrawn, stopped eating, and was holding back tears.

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All three of my stepchildren are overweight. The boys are aged 13 and 12, they are both about 160-180 pounds and are not tall. The girl is 5 feet and about 145. Over eating (the girl can eat an entire loaf of Challah bread and several hamburgers and the boys live on fast food, mostly subway.) and sitting around all day playing video games has not helped. My husband also doesn't help either. He is having a love affair with Chinese food and anything greasy. Eating habits are changing, but it is taking time. I am 5'3" and weight about 110. I don't eat beef and try to stay away from fried foods. I think I am influencing my husband. Hopefully, the kids will follow.

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My SD 13 is overwieght because she cannot go 15mins without going to the fridge or cupboard and having something to eat. We hide things in the car but she goes and gets it when we are not loooking.

We don't know how to stop this habit??????

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Yeah I do and she's 18 and been heavy since she was 5. She wears about a 16 or so. BM never said no and still doesnt.She tried to blame what we were feeding her.Um she was with us 4 days out of a month! SD doesnt exercise,used doctors notes to get out of gym and insists she has a million ailments.One time we dropped SD off years ago and she wanted ice cream off the ice cream truck.DH told BM she just had dessert.Of course she told him to eff off and not tell her what to do.LOL Whatever-The funny thing is BM is OBSESSED with weight and thats why they keep going to different specialists because she cant just be overweight-she must be sick!!By the way Bm's other kid(not my stepchild) is just as heavy.She blames that on her other exhusband.

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my oldest sd is 5'4 ish and weighs about 150 :sick: her mom has an overweight issues and does not control her portions either, we have to "cut off" her intake when she's with us, or she'd contsantly eat, we've figured it's depression but mom is in denial

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I remember way back in school that everybody was like a bean pole and there "might" have been A kid that was slightly hefty.

Of course we are talking about the 70's and 80's too...

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My ss8 isn't overweight actually he's underweight but I have no idea how... This kid lives off sugar and fast food. He refuses to eat anything other than junk food. Drives me crazy!!! However, I know BM is the same and have to admit DH loves his junk food so atleast I kinda know why he eats the way he does.