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When Your Children are Driving You Crazy, Remember What a Luxury It Is to Have the Option of Caring for Them

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Today, as I learned that my older stepdaughter has once again either a)managed to game the system and get out of doing something she begged to be involved in or b)been outright refused when she requested to participate in an extracurricular that we had *all* agreed would be good for her and that I had enrolled her in and paid for per request of both biological parents, I realized something: I've been worried about how hard it might be to have my own biological child. But honestly, I cannot imagine the luxury of knowing that I would have the total and complete option of caring for him or her at all times without having to manipulate some other party into not sabotaging part or all of any aspect of his life.

Parents, please, next time your kids are driving you crazy, remember at least you have the option of caring for them, raising them to be the best that they can be and making the decisions that you believe are right for them without fighting every step of the way.

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Yep, it sucks to have to "co-parent" with anyone other than your spouse. Both my DH and I have kids from previous marriages so we don't have the luxury of just taking care of our kids and our own business without having to deal with the awful ex'es. I do envy nuclear families for their simplicity. However I wasn't happy married to my exH so now I have the happy marriage, but the crappy co-custody situation. Before, I had a nuclear family, but a crappy marriage. Guess I just didn't get lucky enough to get both at the same time!