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When BMs get a makeover

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The BM in my life has recently discovered false eye-lashes and hair extensions. SSs had a recent picture of her where it was clear she was wearing falsh eyelashes because she had them positioned, so they didn't start until the middle of her eyelid, leaving a weird gap on the portion of her eyelid nearest to her nose. They had another recent picture where her shoulder length brown-ish hair had morphed into a long blond ponytail...with the hair on her head looking even darker than before. 

None of these things cover up the fact that BM looks haggard all the time...looking much older than she is. She has also put on quite a bit of weight recently. 

Would love to hear stories of other BM make-overs.

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Wow..sounds like that makeover didn't quite make it.

The HoBag my DH was once shackled to ballooned up to 300 pounds in a very short period of time.I had not seen her ugly self for several months and when I did could not believe it was her.She was always svelte and tall now she was a ginourmous zaftig on steroids  .Frightening.

So a few months passed and the next time I saw her she had lost a tremendous amount of weight ,at least half .She shashayed around in shorts and a light fabric shirt( it was summer ,we were dropping off YSD ) and the skin was dripping off her legs, her arms and hanging from her torso beneath the shirt. I guess she was proud of the rapid weight loss but the hangover!  I pray every night to Saint Amnesia that I will someday  forget that vision. 

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When DH was married to BM she was approaching 400 pounds. She had gastric band surgery and got down to maybe 180, with large folds of skin like the BM in your life, but she's now putting much of the weight back on...she's nearing 300 right now, I'd wager. 

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BM here is a very attractive woman, but every so often her naturally dark brown hair gets progressively more highlighted until it's practically blonde (which doesn't really go with her dark complexion).  Then she'll go back to her natural color, and then several months later she goes through the whole process again.  I don't get it, since she looks perfectly fine with her dark brown hair, but whatever.

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The SperIdiot has always been a nice looking guy.  It is his rediculous attempts to look an ethnicity that he isn't that is so pathetic.

SS refuses to go out in public with him because it is so embarrassing.  Even when he is in a "normal" phase SS won't be seen with him in public.  SpermIdiot  has a penchant for under age girls.  Which drives my SS crazy. Young woman just laugh at his pathetic crap and S S laughs along with them. He will be 50 or 51 this month and still cruises malls to try to pick up teens.

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Our BM lost a ton of weight when DH and I first got together.  She was much thinner than me.  She has probably doubled in size.  Plus, she apparently takes alot of drugs for her many self-diagnosed health problems.  Her skin has turned yellow and sinks into her face.  She also lost all of her teeth but 2 or 3 of them.  Its really sad because she was attractive at one time, but now she looks much older and is not attractive at all.

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Are you familiar with the movie Madagascar 3? If so, there’s this monkey that has a Victorian-era wig, as well as make-up and a huge a** beauty mark in some scenes.

That’s what BM reminds me of when she has her face all done up. Except the beauty mark on her face is real and looks like a bloated tick that needs to be removed. 

She, too, wears fake eyelashes that look like a couple wooly bear caterpillars trying to escape.

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I think of this often b/c BM here is just a train wreck. She is very manly....she looks like a dude...walks like a dude...talks like a dude. Not a drop of make up, nothing but jeans, flannels and dirty tennis shoes....drives a manly is sooooooooo weird b/c my DH is a really good looking, well put together, nicely dressed guy.......

I often wonder if after their 25 years together....BM just aged poorly (and alcoholism) and became what she is now...and DH aged nicely and looks better than when he was younger.....because nobody in a million years would think they would have ever dated let alone been together for 25 years.

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BM over here, she has not been working in over a year, but every now and then will do something "different". For example, shes prematurly gray and will go dark red, or strawberry blonde. She has long curly hair and reminds us of a hairy gorilla type, with bright pink lipstick (her favorite colors). She will get her nails done a bright neon orange...

But - shes 5-3 and still the same 220 lbs as always. No major changes or makeovers...

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Lol Meth Mouth got the junkie makeover, she went from being very pretty to haggard, way too thin, one popped fake titty, and missing teeth.  We are the same age and people always think she is at least ten years older than me.  

Meth Moth only posts photos of herself from far away or from 10-15 years ago.  I think if I actually saw her in real life I would not even know it was her.