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What was your first ever meeting with the now Skids like ??

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Well, mine was very straight forward. DH had been very open about having two Skids, I know that sounds obvious but sometimes I read on here that another skid or two can appear sometimes. He had shown me photos, we had discussed previous nightmare relationships, him, his marriage, me a long term involvement.
Fast forward about 2 months from us seriously dating to him bringing the kids to his house where I already was waiting. They were VERY sweet, sat with me straight away on the sofa and we eventually spent a lovely hour or so reading books together !!! They were quite young, both a little bit on the small size for their ages and I do remember noticing they were dressed a bit shabbily if you know what I mean.....
Now when I look back and think about it, it all seems very dreamlike compared to now and the hell SD21 put us through.
I do remeMber one very early car trip with them, when I was left alone in the car with them for like 5 minutes. SD21 was asking questions...

SD21 Do you have any kids?
SD21 Good ! We do not want any MORE babies !!!
ME. ( silence )

Her BM had a baby with her deluded and still is deluded bf, very quickly after their divorce was finalised.....

I always thought it was an odd thing to say to someone you had just met !!!

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The first time I met SD (then 13) she told me that I shouldn't even consider having babies with her dad because I was too old (30 at the time!) and that she thought it would be "creepy" if she had a brother or sister that was so close in age to her potential babies. I ended that conversation with letting her know that her thoughts or happiness would never affect any child-bearing decisions that I chose to make.

It has only gotten better from there...3 years later and she's still SUCH a little gem!

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OMG. He picked me up - our first time we were hanging out - I worked until 10 p.m. and went home and changed my clothes...and he picked me up at like 11....I get in the truck and a little 4 year old was wide awake in the back being super obnoxious? I thought (Why the EF is this child up?) We pull in a driveway...walk in the house...what? his parents? He failed to tell me that he lived with his parents...and oh - that was their truck...he left EVERYTHING to the Ex...even his brand new 2006 Explorer he had bought right before he split...I thought AWESOME. Then - this litle 2 year old with glasses comes right out and puts her arms up for my to hold her? I was only 22 and terrified...So I picked that little kid up - changed this little strangers diaper and put her to bed! hahah!! Then I looked at him and I said - now it's that ones time for bed! WHY THE HELL IS YOUR KID UP SO LATE? This was NOT a good idea for our first date...I laid down the law the first night!!! hahahah! 4 years later...I am still laying down the law...he has finally gotten a vehicle...his CS has been raised - and it looks like we will never escape his parents ; ( What the hell was I thinkking....hahahah

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First time I met the skids we went to dinner at Chili's. SD (then 3 years old) pitched a fit b/c her mom was splitting attention between me, her, and her brother. DW had to drag her into the bathroom and chew her out. That should have been a warning. All these years later, SD still has a terrible attitude. However, DW never gets onto her like she did that first night - that was apparently for my "benefit," so that I would think she would be willing to discipline her kids.

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My relationship with DH was long distance (different states!) for the first year. He'd mentioned SD(then Dirol when we'd first met. This was some...5 months later or so. We met for the weekend at my Mom's house, halfway in between. It went...sorta okay, that day. That night, then FDH ended up sleeping with her. My mom is not okay with the co-sleeping thing, nor am I. Nor had I had any idea that was kind of their "thing"; she still co-sleeps with BM at almost 12-years-old, on the weekends (in her own bed alone at BM's house Tue-Thur). Ick.
I *really* wish I'd paid more attention to all the red flags that weekend. I wish I'd seen the signs of a guilty Daddy and his spoilt little princes of a daughter.
I should have run.

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I had been seeing my H for a while before we decided to have me meet his kids. He'd already met my son.

He planned for me to meet them on his next weekend visitation. This was prior to the CO being in order as BM was not TOO psychotic as long as she felt she was in complete control.

The skids were really young. 7 and 6, I believe. SS was oblivious. He was very off in his own world and let his sister do his talking for him (for a couple of years before we put our foot down and put a stop to that.)

SD cried and cried and cried. And said her stomach hurt. To the point where we ended up taking her back to BMs.

Turns out the fucking bitch had JUST got a new puppy for the family right before we came to get the skids - like an hour before. Of COURSE SD would rather be at home with the new puppy than to meet her daddy's new girlfriend! Fricking witch.